MokuCon ’09

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This is a min-con my anime club hosts in the campus center, so yeah, it’s not really known. But I feel I should write SOMEthing about it, because I really did enjoy it. It was small, and yeah I was in the Karaoke room half of the day (and the other half just hanging by the info desk xD), but totally enjoyable. It still had that convention feel while at the same time not being crazy huge.

So, let’s see, what can I talk about… xD I guess I can really only talk in-detail about the Karaoke room stuff, but my brain’s still half asleep, so I can only remember a few things. The contest was awesome sauce, and I somehow remembered all the dance and words to Seikan Hikou still and got second place. I think I screwed up a few lines but it was better than my AN09 performance where I screwed up and made it obvious… ^^;;>

After the contest a group of three girls, who I’ve seen before, now calling themselves “Promise” performed a few songs. Very well done and everyone ended up joining in clapping or snapping our fingers to the beat. xD Following the contest, America from Hetalia Rickroll’d the room (which is already on youtube), and as people were thinning out I managed to get the Nico Nico Douga Medley sang, though sadly I don’t think anyone recorded it. D: Also the original pokemon song was sung by the hetalia group, which also got the entire room singing. xD

Following that all I really did was hang around thinking I should back and read an essay for my class. After about 2 hours of saying that to myself I decided to screw it and just stay. Not much else happened, so I’ll leave it at that. It was a great day, even though I’m still sort of tired. :P


AnimeNEXT 2008 — Con Report

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Before I begin… Whoever posted what was a MSN/AIM/Instant Messaging Conversation of some sort, go right on ahead and comment again. I’d LOVE to get your IP address, assholes. And Lovely “name” there, “HAHAHA”.

Anyways, Here’s a Con Report on AnimeNEXT 2008, all three days. And I took Hinano’s idea with posting the ID Badge as the image before the cut. xD; Don’t shoot me. .___. Please.

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Cosplay — Miku over 9000!

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The finishing touches were finished and Miku is Con-Ready. Thus, it’s better then 1000% Miku, it’s MIKU OVER 9000!, of course. ;3

After these photos, though I added the “belt loop” onto the skirt, so it IS there, just I added it after these photos. And I didn’t paint my nails nor draw on the “01” onto my arm for this either. I WILL for the con.

Oh and that photo to the left… that was an “OOPS” shot, too far zoomed in and forgot and took it anyways. Ah well, it proves for a nive shot for this. Since I don’t have any of it hanging in my closet this time around. But I has videos. YEY.

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Cosplay — 1000% Miku!

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1000%Those who get where the title comes from, +9001 internets for you. =3 S’not a hard one to know though. xD

Anyways, my mom wanted most of my cosplay out of the way, so we got it done. The armsleeves, socks (to create illusion of her boots xP), and Negis were made/finished. Also, I added a snap to the top of the shirt since it was… er… kinda not covering everything. @___@;;; The tie made up for it, but I didn’t want to trust in the tie all the time.

I’m very proud of this cosplay. =3 It’s MIKU for gawd’s sake. <3 There are still a few parts missing or need final touches. The Wig needs to be styled still (And I’m not even thinking about it today), and I need to get out to buy a pair of shoes for this (That I can still HHY/MSF in). If you can spot the other missing parts, +10 internets per missing part (Yesh, more then one).

Tie’s still a pain in the arse. More pictures after the cut.

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Cosplay — Miku 50%!

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Closet Shot! Well, I’ve hit what I’ll call Halfway for my Hatsune Miku cosplay. =D The shirt, Tie, and Skirt are finished. The wig is in ready to style (Well, it’s being styled now kinda), and the arm-sleeves and boots need to be finished. I have nail polish the right color for Miku and we’ll figure out how to do her arm tattoo at some point. The negi has to be done, but I’m not counting that, since I can go as Miku without a Negi (Though I know I should).

Moving along, follow the cut for more pictures…



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Cosplay — ミクのスカート!

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LOL That should be correct Japanese. If it’s not I should be sent to hell and murdered constantly cause that is some seriously simple Japanese. xD

Miku Skirt Anyways, me and my mom got to work on the Miku skirt as well this weekend, and it is TADAAA finished~! \(^w^)/ I’m very happy. This skirt also has pockets, I just didn’t bother showing them off in the pictures this time. This skirt has less defined pleats compared to Haruhi’s skirt. The stripe of teal/blue/whatever at the bottom was sewn on afterwards and then flipped up and sewn again so it wouldn’t make the skirt super long (Since it’s LOL already supposed to be LOL SHORTER). Not much to the skirt. We haven’t gotten to the belt loop thing yet either. Next time I’ll show this off will be after the top and tie are finished, since without the tie the top looks weird.

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Cosplay Progress — Haruhi/Kyonko

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Haruhi School UniformFigured I should include this, since it is related to anime and such. xD

Basically, I’ve been working on my cosplays for AnimeNext recently, and this is the first of the two I’m planning on doing this year. It’s Haruhi Suzimiya, but might be morphed into Kyonko later on if I feel like it (Since it’s the same uniform and all xD)

The uniform is made with fabric, of course, in white and blue. The red stripes are red ribbon attached to the parts. The “M” logo thing was fabric painted onto the inner flap of the top. The headband is a read headband with gold ribbon hot glued onto it. And the armband is red fabric with hand-painted characters, “団長” (Dan-Chou, Brigade Leader), on it, and then sewn. Pattern-wise, this was made with a “Cheerleader” pattern set, with alterations for the top. The collar was made to go down further, the inner flap added, sleeve cuffs, and the velco it called for changed to a zipper to save my long hair (xD). The skirt was kept identical to the pattern (Which was rather freaky how well the pattern matched the Haruhi Skirt), only we added some pockets with velco (to keep the stuff from falling out). Out of the picture are… Black knee-highs, and blue converse (Since the match still).

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