Cosplay — Miku 50%!

May 24, 2008 at 7:33 pm | Posted in Cosplay, Hatsune Miku | 5 Comments
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Closet Shot! Well, I’ve hit what I’ll call Halfway for my Hatsune Miku cosplay. =D The shirt, Tie, and Skirt are finished. The wig is in ready to style (Well, it’s being styled now kinda), and the arm-sleeves and boots need to be finished. I have nail polish the right color for Miku and we’ll figure out how to do her arm tattoo at some point. The negi has to be done, but I’m not counting that, since I can go as Miku without a Negi (Though I know I should).

Moving along, follow the cut for more pictures…





~<3!                     |             ~Meruto

Shot of the outfit.

As a note, I hate ties. Pain in the arse to tie. =___=;;; Miku’s wide end is really wide.

On the outfit, the shirt was made with a pattern for a vest. There are buttons down the front (though I might add another…) for it to open. The tie was made using the same fabric as the edge of the skirt. No sewing was done on it, just some iron-on webbing thing my mom has. xP The dash-things were attached the same way. Wearing the Haruhi knee-socks for this, since boots aren’t done. By the way, the thing I’m “singing” into is my camera case. LAWLZ.



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  1. =OOO OH WOW.

    That’s really, really well done! Great job! Can’t wait to see you fully in costume~! x3

  2. It looks great~
    I should cosplay Yowane Haku and we’ll be the ultimate team! Hahahaha.

  3. x3 Or Akita Neru! Boukaloid, the Ultimate Enemy! A Challenger Appears! (laughs)

  4. That’s looking wonderful! :D Don’t worry, I hate ties too.

  5. Hey, I’m just wondering since I’ll be cosplaying as Miku this year, what pattern did you use for the vest?

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