Past Banners

Here you can find the current and older banners. :3 Click for the full banner, as it gets cut off.

Yes, all of them include Hatsune Miku. It’s intentional. C-C-C-Combo breaker and all that.


Late January-February 2010.


Christmas 2009!

November 2009!

Halloween time! (October 2009)

The school year is upon us! (September 2009)

Tenth banner. Hatsune Miku’s 2nd birthday as well as my own 18th birthday is this month! (August 2009)

Ninth banner, summer time!

Eighth banner, my graduation!

Seventh banner. Idolm@ster x Vocaloid!

Sixth banner. More Vocaloid x Persona, but this time the altered screencaps were done by me. xD

Fifth banner, Persona x Vocaloid!

Fourth banner. Merry Christmas and all that jazz. :3

Third banner.

Second banner, celebrating my contacts. xD Plus some rainbow Miku!

First Banner.


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