Game Report 2008.06.05

June 5, 2008 at 4:10 pm | Posted in Audition, Games | 2 Comments
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Well, since I’ve gotten a tad sick of Nexon’s Mabinogi, due to the fact they have basically decided “JOO MUST PAY MONEY EVERY FEW MONTHS TO PLAY WITH PEOPLES”. Everyone has rebirthed (Paid real money for a new character card), and moved on up from Ciar dungeon, where I can handle myself. Thus, I’m alone and bored and got sick of it quickly.

So I figured “Let’s Try Audition.” Audition is similar to DDR in that it’s a Dancing game, however the main modes of the game include typing arrows into the PC super fast and pressing space on the 3rd beat of a 4-beat measure. The songs range roughly from 80BPM-190BPM, and those 140BPM+ are hard enough even for seasoned players. It’s a casual game and the part earning Nexon the cash are clothing and special items. However, unlike MapleStory’s community, it doesn’t give the same aura around a player with Nexon Cash’d clothes. In MS, most people decided if you have NX clothes, you’re super powerful and are rich and would own their arse. Flip it to the opposite to get what people without NX Cash clothes are thought of sometimes.

Audi’s community doesn’t do that, which is a nice thing to see. People playing with each other for the sake of playing, not to own someone out. I’ve found most of the players are more accomodating and willing to help new players out then in MS. It’s a lovely thing, it really is. While I’m still new at this, It’s nice to see that I’m not told that I suck and I’m ugly because I’m a low level and I don’t buy NX clothes.

I’m Natsu-Ko on Audi, and am working on hitting 12K EXP to get my Licence up to Bopper from Poser. Swapping between Free and Beginner channel you’ll find me. And, no, I won’t be you’re Game GF.

Also, if Combat Arms didn’t have an engine problem, I would be playing. My Name in Game is Kisemi (I think it is… haven’t gotten in a game yet due to Engine error), and I haven’t actually played yet. Dx;;; Stupid bad coding.


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