Manga Reveiw — .hack//XXXX Vol.1

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Well, firstly, I’m an old .hacker. I fell in love with .hack way back when it came to the States with .hack//SIGN. I truely am an oldbie to the series. While my love has died down a bit, I still check back on more to this series. I currently own just about everything availible in the English Language related to .hack, and even a few things in Japanese now. So when I spotted X-Fourth on the shelves I neeeeeeded it. Not only is it .hack, but it’s the old school .hack. The first four games remade into a manga. It’s nice to see them getting translated.

I still need to pick up GU+ Vol2 at some point, but ah well, I got X-foruth. <3 It’s amazing to see BlackRose and Mistral again. I love those two. Fave Party members by FAR. I think everytime I got a choice they were my girls.

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