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May 25, 2008 at 1:10 pm | Posted in Life | 19 Comments
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Kona-Chan + Dad I’m pretty sure we all know this, but not every parent is like Konata’s father in accepting/supporting anime. Some may outright oppose it. Personally, my parents don’t mind it (They joke with me about it still, sometimes sarcastically making fun of me for my love of Anime), but I do know of people whose parents aren’t like that.


Let’s first explain what my parents know about Anime. They both know what Yaoi and Yuri mean. My dad knows what the plot is for Gravitation. My mom knows what Cosplay is, and helps me make my cosplays. My dad has seen the Hare Hare Yukai. My parents know what Pocky is and order me some from time to time. My dad has seen anime with a panty shot in it (Not even kidding). And they know I prefer Japanese Music to English music and don’t mind it (Though it does help them know who’s music is too loud between me and my sister. ;3)

.___.Now, for some of you, I bet the fact they know what Yaoi and Yuri are is a bit of a shock. Well, understand that my parents don’t care if a person is homosexual or not. Most of the reason they know is because at an Anime Convention some friends had the Yaoi/Yuri paddles, so I told him what they meant. But think about it, if it’s something you enjoy, why shouldn’t your parents understand it? Or at least know about it, since some anime/manga isn’t even understandable to those who watch it. Don’t expect parents to be like Konata’s father, at least not yet in America. Once our Generation gets to having kids, we might just see parents like that, showing their children anime and games and supporting it in the way Konata’s dad does. =3

Moving along, Let me bring in examples of those on the other side. I recently went to a small Anime Event at a local library, and my mom told me after we left she had been speaking to the parents hanging around waiting for their kids to come out. She said that most of them didn’t know who these characters were, what anime they were from, nor did they understand it. I’ve been hunting the manga shelves in Walden Books a while ago. Some girl came over and picked up a manga (I believe it was Full Metal Alchemist if I remember correctly), and headed over to her mother, hiding the manga underneath another book (Not a manga). Me and my mom overheard the girl’s mom tell her to put the manga back and that it’s not a book. *Ahem* It’s bound like a book, it has words like a book, and it’s sold in a book store, No no of course it’s not a book. (/sarcasm)

So, how can you get parents to understand anime? Well, show them some shows. If you cosplay, while working on one, start up a conversation about what show the character’s from, the character’s back story and such. Then they’ll know who you are in the show, and if the show is interesting to them, maybe pop in a DVD or two and show them an episode. Bring your parents to understand it, just take a step at a time. Maybe they’ll get interested and do their own research on the show, or maybe start asking who it is you’re dressing up as this time. ^w^ If you help your parents understand it, they will most likely be willing to listen. If it makes you happy and you enjoy they probably want to know what the whole thing is about.

Oh… and as a side note, My dad saw the panty shot while doing voice over. Tottally not my choice for him to see a panty shot.



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  1. It all depends on personality of your parents. Some are really conservative and will not allow you to read manga and watch anime. Some misunderstand what anime is. Some people think that it is mostly cartoons with lots of fanservice lol To counter that line of reasoning, show them some Ghibli films :) I agree that the next generation will be more open-minded and supportive about anime in general.

  2. Pfft, My parents have SEEN the fanservice. They don’t care. x3 I love them so much for that. <3

    How does anime and manga relate to conservatism? What are they trying to do? Make us all “American”? Well, I’m sorry, but America is MANY cultures, and I’m pretty damn sure Japanese live within the borders.

  3. I agree with what Kitsune said.

    My mom doesn’t care either way… she does get annoyed with the hours I keep though for downloading and watching anime and the money I throw for anime.

    The only issue I have regarding yaoi/yuri is from my sister who was disgusted when she saw me playing Absolute Obedience..

  4. Oh how I wish my parents understood.
    My mom doesn’t seem to mind much and asks me from time to time what it is I’m watching but she isn’t interested enough to listen to me when I actually explain. My dad, on the other hand, probably hates the fact I like anime because he think its giving my mental problems (because I laugh all alone ==;) but he’ll never openly say it. I could imagine the damage it’d do if my dad learned about Yaoi … -shudders-

  5. my parents never minded. we had a don’t ask, don’t tell policy at home. though they are a little bit concerned at the bill of some of my purchases (japanese stuff is so expensive where i am).

    i think it bothers them now that i’m 27, but i tell them that at least i’m not blowing all my money on drugs or having unprotected random sex with some strange guy.

  6. My mom doesn’t mind, My dad knows I watch anime but it doesn’t bother him too (He even bought manga and anime dvds for me whenever I asked him to)

    My younger sister watch anime too so it does not bother her at all o.o She enjoys listening to good jpop as well =3

  7. My mom doesn’t really care. She’s actually helping me with my cosplay and so is my older sister. She’ll watch anime with me sometimes. I actually made her read ‘Yotsuba’ once. She enjoyed it. She’ll remember some of the charaters, but she’s like me and forgets a lot.

    My dad gets annoyed sometimes. He’ll buy me anime DVD’s and video games when I ask. But then somtimes he says I need to focus on real life. But I AM focusing on my life. I want to be a light novelist and I’m gathering information. Then again, a lot of the times he doesn’t mind. He DID pay for my registration for AnimeNEXT.

    Actually, my whole family is okay with anime. My older sister got me into anime. She still watches it, but she’s not as obsessed as me. My little sister loves anime but I have to make sure she’s watching the right stuff. I let her watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, Naruto, Inuyasha, Bleach(ONCE), and Death Note(ONCE)

  8. My step daughter and I met when she was 15 years old and it was by watching anime and reading anime that we found a connection.

    Her father watches them with her as well. He bought her the complete set of Robotech and it was on vhs.

    Often family night is spent with pizza and anime movie.

    I have always loved all animation of all kinds so this was just added to my love.

  9. My parents don’t care at all, and they’re generally supporting. Perhaps that’s because I’m half-Japanese (only on my Dad’s side) but I doubt it. They don’t even care that I like yaoi.

  10. It seems wierd to imagine that there would be parents who would actively STOP their kids getting into anime and manga :/ Japanese culture has taken over my house, what with all the Japanese songs me and my sister play, the random Japanese phrases we pick up, the Hare Hare Yukai dance, and all the manga we draw ourselves. They even let us have the living room on a Friday evening for our much loved anime nights ^^ They both know what yaoi is (although I’m sure my dad would have preferred not to know, but he didn’t take the hint so we told him as gently as possible xD), my dad asked for Battle Vixens (we didn’t buy it for him) and my mum even consented to read… half a chapter of Love Hina xD They’re tolerant, but well… not very interested lol

  11. In response to Fangirl Yoake, I wish I had your parents. Every single one of my realatives hates it, and my mom is killing our mother/daughter relationship by blocking it. When I was at my first anime con with my mom, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her what yaoi was when she asked. (so my best friend’s awesome mom told her. I was probably blushing like crazy.)

    Of course, even being starved of parental support and understanding, I still do anime stuff. But I have resigned myself to never show any of my family anything I like ever again.

  12. Oh god… The idea of talking to my parents about anime – or my interests at all – makes me cringe. I have to find out how to get each episode of each series on the Internet.

  13. I wish I had some of you guys parents. They don’t block it, my dad is the only one who buys me stuff online but only if I tell him EXACTLY what I want and its mostly for my birthday or Christmas. My mom no, she doesn’t buy me anything, only clothes from charity shops (Good clothes like long skirts and corsets). But when I hear about parents who go to cons and help with cosplays I get so jealous! I’ve never had their help with making stuff, I get my dad to buy me the wigs and stuff and sometimes when mums in a good mode she’ll alter a hem line but they just ignore me otherwise. I went to my first ever con with my honerary cousin, yeah she knows about yaoi and teases me about it but thats it. It’s not that they haven’t seen it, I made my mum get up and watch Avatar 2nd season when she was heavily pregnant but he baby ruined everything. Now she decides what goes on TV and its always stupid DVDs she watched over and pver again. As for drawing I don’t even bother showing them, all I get is a “hmmm” as an acknowledgement.

  14. 私は約6〜7歳の子供を持っている場合、彼らはオタクとして提起されます。


  15. I wish I had some of the parents of the above people too. I haven’t told my parents or grandparents that I watch anime. If they knew (according to how much of a b***h each one of them is), they would resent it deeply and forbid me from watching. They pretty much believe that all anime and manga is a collection japanese porn cartoons from hell :/ . They refuse to believe otherwise, so I have to get all of my anime and manga from youtube or bakabt. :(

  16. XP My first manga was Ranma! I was in fourth grade… the only thing my mom did was mildly warm me. XP I showed her boyfriend (‘rents are divorced) Black Butler. It just so happened to be the “CAN WE USE TOUNGES!?” episode, I don’t think he’s ever watching anime again…. XP

  17. I just couldn’t go away your web site before suggesting that I actually enjoyed the usual info an individual supply to your guests? Is gonna be back incessantly to inspect new posts

  18. Well, I was watching Black Butler and my dad walked in when Ciel stabbed Alois and Alois was begging not to be killed, calling for Claude. My dad was shocked and told me it was too violent and that I can’t watch it. He doesn’t understand the plot and he just thinks it’s mindless violence.

    I was also watching Ouran Highschool Host Club with my stepmom one time. It was the episode introducing Haruhi’s Dad. My stepmom didn’t like the fact that he is a crossdresser. She thought it was offensive to our religion, and I understand that because we are catholic. I just don’t think it’s fair that she has started bad rumors about anime in our household.

    My (step)parents think that I haven’t been exposed to things such as homosexuality and blood. My real mom is fine with it and actually has watched a episode of Fairy Tail with me and my sister. I need some advice to stop the bad rumors about anime in my household, and to make it acceptable.


  19. Omg I wish my dad I don’t think would care that I was into anime and read manga and listen to vocaloid but my mom is super strict and has a high hate for it all so I’ve kept that entire part of me a secret for the last three years (I’m 16 by the way) and I know I can tough it out for another 2 years but it kills me that I can’t tell her or she try to change me so I have no idea how to even try to introduce her into this world that I have come to love

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