R-R Round 02 — Otakuism

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First week I’m doing the R-R, so sorry if I’m a bit out there. xD

Otakus. Some hate ’em, some love ’em. Some of us think we are, and some think we’re not. It’s all a matter of perspective. Some see us as what the stereotypes are, some don’t. I know most parent probably see the Otaku lifestyle like that of the extreme stereotype.

I know we all can name some *ahem* bad and unliked types of Anime Fans/Otaku. And I’m pretty sure we at least all know a few good anime fans.

So, let me press enter a few more times and kill some space and get to a cut.

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Femme-Fatals Round Robin

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Well, I figured I’d post something up on this, even though it’s been a bit since I replied to it.

Anyways, I was browsing Hinano’s stuff (Prolly at school LOL. My CG teacher does not care what I do, I know more then she does in Photoshop), and I came across her post on this All-Girl blogger thing or whatever (I have the memory of a goldfish, bear with me). I figured “Why the hell not?” and replied to Itsubun’s Post. Just got an e-mail back and have join the forums (of death and doom? x3)

As a note, my posts have subsided because I found my love in My Sims and Mabinogi once again. =w= Kinda sad. I get grounded a week and find myself back in the gamer’s chair kickin’ virtual butt. Speaking of which, if any of you play PS3 Team Fortress 2 and get killed by a player by the name of “Meower” That’d be me, thank you very much. Still aiming for the head. ;3

I’ll attempt to get back to Shugo Chara! posts ASAP, as well as this loverly thing. <3

LOL Vote Fer me?

April 4, 2008 at 10:18 pm | Posted in Anime, Blog Stuff, Game, Other Stuff | 2 Comments
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Click Hur Plx

Mitsuru AsahinaxD Hinano has me in the polls. Wheeeee~ It is 11PM EST, and I have been awake for… *counts*… 18 hours? Iunno. Much longer then I really should be. Though the character description Hinano has for me is greatly amusing for me and my friend. xD She (My friend) then said that I’m, like, a real anime character… and then stuck me in a bottle. Dx

And now she says… if I get a boyfriend (LOL), he’d have to be a Shota, since I’m Loli. xD I WANT MITSURU PLEASE. xD Since, like, after all she said I’m an anime character… so I can pick Mitsuru, right? x3 Mitsuru looks like Mikuru with chopped off hair though… which makes it really shota but whatever. xD Oh the fun, the fun.

*turns on the KoiSen remix* It is sad that I can actually tell that it was Rin without reading the title. Still labled it under Miku though. LOL I are stupid. … I’m a hyper monkey because of the sugar coursing through my veins, thank you very muich bottlecap candy~ <3 I love you candy.

Also, anyone know what happened to ANext’s site? It keeps going in and out and in and out. Around 9PM on the weekdays I loose contact to it (Keep getting a server error), and every now and then AN’s site gets suspended or something. .___.;;; Has they been fergetting to pay their bills? Bad ANext! Go and pay those bills! D<


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Eh, I haven’t held a blog for a long time, so I prolly suck. xD I’ll probably include things on Anime and Manga, as well as my gaming stuff. As of right now, the pages are under construction, so bare with it please.

Topic I wish to cover from time to time:

  • Animes being Watched
  • Games Being Played
  • Conventions
  • Rants / Raves

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