So you apparently want to know about me and this blog thing? Alrighty then…

About Me

I’ve been an anime fan for a while, and was brought into it by a friend in middle school, who showed me .hack//SIGN, back when it was airing in the middle of the night. Of course, .hack//SIGN wasn’t my first anime ever, thank goes to the good ol’ Sailor Moon and Pokémon series, though at the time I watched those shows I hadn’t the slightest idea (nor did I care) that they came from Japan. After .hack//SIGN, I got into other things like JRPGs and the like. The next big thing to hit me was Vocaloid, which I discovered not long after Miku had been released on August 31st, 2007, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Today, I’m almost always listening to Vocaloid music, read manga when I can afford it, play video games like crazy, and working on cosplays when I’ve got the time. I’m currently 18 (and still not looking my age) and a freshmen in college, and have finally (sort of) figured out what I want to do with what I’m learning.

About the Blog

Well, it began on March 31st, 2008 (I had to actually look, I had no clue what day I had started this on to be honest), with some random little things I felt like talking about. Some of the old images have been since deleted, but there’s still a good few remainders. The title of the blog “ちっぽけな世界なのに。。。” (Chippokena Sekai Nanoni…) comes from the song もどかしい世界のうえで (Modokashii Sekaino Uede), one of the ending songs of “Welcome to the NHK!”. The line translates out to “Though this is a small world…”, and to be honest at first it was chosen for my blog’s name because I like the line, though now I think it fits in a few ways. Though there is a bit of irony, the line sometimes make me think of the “It’s a Small World” ride and song, which I hate with a passion.

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I posted on MMOs I was playing, Vocaloid Rankings, cosplay progress, and a few shows. I talked about whatever I felt like at the time, and that’s still pretty much my idea for this. I say what I feel like, when I feel like writing. I honestly don’t do too many episodic reviews because I don’t really have much to say when I watch one episode, and in the cases I do have something to say, I say it aloud to myself as I’m watching… so, um, yeah. Most of the things I talk about these days are the games I get, and the games I finish. From time to time I post on anime shows/movies/whatever, but the majority of my time these days, if it’s not spent at class or doing homework, is spent gaming.

Hatsune Miku used to grace every banner, however as of recently I’ve decided to not limit myself to having Miku in every banner. Though she still gets this little spot here, and trust me, she will be in more banners than anyone else, even if she isn’t in all of them anymore.


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