Yo Fantards, The Guests don’t want to be your BFF.

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https://i1.wp.com/i2.photobucket.com/albums/y26/Chibi-Meower/blog/2008-12-04_roadroller.jpgI’m not a person who cares about guest lists. It’s really not why I go to a con. But since I had piles of forums marked as having unread topics in them, I figured I’d look into the Guest area of AnimeNext’s forums to see if anything actually interesting was in there. Turns out there was.

Topic Link: Click

Warning: Post may not flow all to well, I’m really just letting off some steam.

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Anime’s uncreative, didn’t you know?

February 11, 2009 at 4:16 pm | Posted in Rants | 28 Comments
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Anime is so uncreative, don’t you agree?

Well, according to my applied art teacher that is. Warning, rant and real life is ahead.

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Glorifying the US Anime Community?

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Applying for College is looming over my head recently, and whats worse is these whole essay things. I get money from the colleges for doing this, but I suck at writing stuff like this. Last time I had an assignment like this was Sophmore year, and we were to try and not be found guilty of witchcraft. I wrote a stupid little paragraph on how I this, I that, tossed it the minute I got up there and owned the crap out of everyone else’s babble about how “I did this, and I did that. I, I, I.” It was hard enough to do that, but now this is to write about how I will benifit/contribute to their community/enviroment, using my talents, travels, leadership activities, volenteer services and cultural experiences.

Yeah. That last bit. Besides the lovely American culture, I see bits of Japanese culture via Anime and Manga and such. Granted, I know it’s not much of an acurate dipiction for the most part, but it’s something. But covering that would also prompt me to cover conventions… and the lovely people that join it. So how the hell do I sugar-coat Yaoi Fangirls and Narutards? Or do I just leave them purely out and just pretend they don’t exsist? And then there’s also the topics that anime itself covers, which is clearly something I shouldn’t say. At least not to a college I intend on applying to.

The task as a whole is daunting, and it doesn’t help that I’d rather be getting my 200 holes for PangYa today. Sugar-Coating the American Anime Community is not easy.

Stop whining Nintendo fanboys.

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Ugh, I’m so sick of this now. I’m sick of hearing how Nintendo’s screwing over the old fans. You know what Nintendo Fanboys, Shut. Up. Just because they’re not focused entirely on your group doesn’t mean that Nintendo isn’t trying.

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Ayres, Unfortunatly for you, No one gives a damn.

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Let’s add my torch to the fire, since I had enough of a wall of text over on Hinano‘s rant. So to set the scene, basically we got another case of FanSub VS. Dub sort of thing goin’ on. Well… sort of. More like “Illegal” VS. Company. Er… whatever. Basically, A rant about Greg Ayres’ Panel at AnimeNext08 and how much of a god he THINKS he is, and how much he’s REALLY NOT. Honestly, if some how, some way My dad ever works with him and I somehow meet him, I will tell his face off. And I will love every damned minute of it.

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Company Morons — The Strike’s Second Coming

July 2, 2008 at 5:44 pm | Posted in Heroes, Life, Rants | 2 Comments
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OMG, not an animoo-related post.

Anyways, those in the States will remember a lovely couple of monthes when TV was a a standstill. Why, yes, the Writers Strike. It put many shows on indefinate hold, and some might have been killed due to it.

Well, it’s coming back. This time with the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG).

Let’s firstly explain that the reason behind the Writer’s strike can simply be explained as the Company Reps being asshats and not wanting to  do what they SHOULD be doin’, changing the contract to help its members, since they should be getting money that they weren’t.

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Idiots of the world…

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Let's Flame them... Litterally.

Okay, as I mentioned a few days back, I took part in my school’s Rock Band compition. Me and my friends practiced a bit before going out for the show, and then we were off.

Anyways, time to flame those idiots. I wish I had Chimchar/Hikozaru’s flamethrower. Dx Then I could flame ’em litterally too.


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Immature Babies

April 14, 2008 at 2:26 pm | Posted in Anime, Life, Rants | 2 Comments
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Whine Whine Whine!Well, I headed over to CrunchyRoll to see if any new Shugo Chara! episodes had been posted up (Sadly, not, since I watched 23 on Daily Motion yesterday. Will post about it later), and I come across this topic.



Dear. Lord in Heaven…

I think I just saw hell.

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Excuse me?!

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That is so gross.

Well, here I am, blogging again, another rant (xD I’m so ranty, aren’t I?). Anyways, Basically I was hanging around the Clothing Shop in Dunbarton in the game Mabinogi. I was just waiting along for the right color hat to come in. Suddenly,…

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Yaoi > Yuri?

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Let me first say I enjoy both Yaoi and Yuri. So it’s not like I’m truely bashing on everything Yaoi, it just seems there are more stupid Yaoi fans then there are stupid Yuri fans. Personally, I tend to hate on the Yaoi fangirls who think they’re all that (But then again, I hate those Narutards who think they’re all that as well, so it’s not just them either). Being the first real post for my blog, please bear with me.

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