Gaming Report: 06.29.08

June 29, 2008 at 12:37 pm | Posted in Games, Life | 3 Comments
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After one Game post comes another~

I’m just going to go straight to a cut to cover my Gaming adventures of this week.

Well, I’ve been hunting for a decent MMORPG that’s, well, more RPG then casual. While I do enjoy Audition and Albatross18, they’re just there mainly for when I’m bored. I need players to level, so it’s a casual and friendly game feel from those. But sometimes I like to beat up some monsters and level up like a good ol’ RPG, so I was looking around.

And I found Dream of Mirror Online (DoMO). It’s races are a nice thing to see (Most of the MMOs I play have no races, you’re all human with different classes), as well as the concepts behind it. I like this game a lot and I’m glad that I started playing it.

To give it a reveiw for two-three days of play, It’s at least an 8. I’m hearing it’s in a form of Beta (Open, if anything), so I don’t mind kinks here and there, though somethings should be fixed. For example, our Character names should not be used in word bubbles during the Storyline scenes. The second part of my storyline (I choose to create peace between people and monsters) my character spoke to the Tigerman and Black something (I forget his name), and just about everytime I spoke I used my name (Kisemi). “Kisemi is here by other of the tortoise to help you two. Please do not harm Kisemi.” Or something to that effect. Other scenes do use “I”, I guess these scenes they forgot. I also notice sometimes I say “No one will get away from Kisemi!” LAWLZ, she sounds like Captain Jack Sparrow or something.

As a note, I’m on Sapphire server, and a L1X Sprite Dancer, going to sub Theif in there.

As another note, I found a game called Yogurting. Holy hell is is cute~! What sucks for everyone reading this is that they have now blocked IPs of foreign players, and we can’t even sign up. Dx Hopefully some company will translate this game someday, it’s really cute.

From what I can gather it’s an Anime-School Themed MMO. Hack-and-Slashing is major, but like any Hack ‘n’ Slash game, it’s addicting (No really, they are). There’s two schools, Esutiba and another one (My Kanji sucks bad). Apparently you go through “classes” and fight monters. Your weapon is based on what you put you character’s blood type as, and you have a cellphone number in-game. I can’t get much out of it without playing, and since I can’t play, I can’t get much figured out. Looks like a fun game, too bad I can’t play it. I hope to god some campany does translate this and make it availible to the rest of the world. <3 That would totaly make my day life.


As a note, I have fully decided to quit Mabinogi unless somehow Nexon redeems itself and I get lots of money to spend on NX Cash.



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  1. If you are looking for a mmorpg they are bringing “Concerto Gate” over its currently in closed beta its a turn based mmorpg its made by the Squeenix people as seems to be looking good so far might be something to look out for.

  2. Huh. Squeenix would be a reliable company to make a game. I’m pretty sure I say “Squeenix makes the game” there’s no doubt in me downloading once OB comes out. I’m pretty sure THEY’LL get it right the first time ’round. If they’ve got errors, they fix ’em, I’d be surprised if they get errors and bugs as bad as Mabinogi. Actually, I think I’d contemplate if I REALLY want FF-whatever-number-it-is-now. xP

  3. I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!

    Keep up the good works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.

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