Femme-Fatals Round Robin

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Well, I figured I’d post something up on this, even though it’s been a bit since I replied to it.

Anyways, I was browsing Hinano’s stuff (Prolly at school LOL. My CG teacher does not care what I do, I know more then she does in Photoshop), and I came across her post on this All-Girl blogger thing or whatever (I have the memory of a goldfish, bear with me). I figured “Why the hell not?” and replied to Itsubun’s Post. Just got an e-mail back and have join the forums (of death and doom? x3)

As a note, my posts have subsided because I found my love in My Sims and Mabinogi once again. =w= Kinda sad. I get grounded a week and find myself back in the gamer’s chair kickin’ virtual butt. Speaking of which, if any of you play PS3 Team Fortress 2 and get killed by a player by the name of “Meower” That’d be me, thank you very much. Still aiming for the head. ;3

I’ll attempt to get back to Shugo Chara! posts ASAP, as well as this loverly thing. <3


I’mma dork.

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Mabinogi Advertisement, yo!

Mabi Gen2!

Just entering the “Embed Head” contest for G2. Might as well. =3

If anyone decides to join Mabinogi, join on Tarlach Server~ <3 I’m Kisemi on Tarlach.

Weekly Mabinogi Report — 04.20.08

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Kise (OB+) Age 17Thus begins something I hope to keep going at a regular pace. The Weekly Mabinogi Report! I will include Patches, Events, Personal Goals, and Achievements in these posts once a week! Since I’ve already accumulated 9 or so weeks of play time (All Betas Included).

The image will be Kisemi’s (My Character) “snatshot” file when I make the post.

Current Mabinogi Stats

Name: Kisemi

Server: Tarlach

Age: 17

Level: 25

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Excuse me?!

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That is so gross.

Well, here I am, blogging again, another rant (xD I’m so ranty, aren’t I?). Anyways, Basically I was hanging around the Clothing Shop in Dunbarton in the game Mabinogi. I was just waiting along for the right color hat to come in. Suddenly,…

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