Manga Review — SGT Frog 15

May 24, 2008 at 8:24 am | Posted in Manga | 1 Comment
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SGT Frog 15Well, as I said before, I recently went off to buy more manga. Since I’m still working through Shugo Chara! Vol.4 (JP), and the fact it’s still rather early in the moring, I chose to read SGT Frog Vol.15.

As an overall series so far, this one is amusing and entertaining at most points. The nice thing I find is that you don’t really have to read it in order, since the stories really have no links between each other. Though you should read them in order. ;3 The fact is that the only links each “Encounter” makes with another are the weapons made and characters met. Each story can be read whenever, making it not-so-bad that Tokyopop takes forever to translate these darn things.

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Borders and B&N = <3

May 23, 2008 at 5:52 pm | Posted in Life, Manga, Novels, Raves, Shugo Chara, Yaoi/Yuri | 5 Comments
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Well, I was off to go get some more manga, as I found 20$ while cleaning, and I start browsing the (decently sized) manga shelves at a nearby Borders/Walden Books. To my amazement…

There was KASHIMASHI. <3 They now carry Yuri in the stores! Whoot~

Also I did spot Strawberry Panic amungst the items they now have.

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Yaoi > Yuri?

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Let me first say I enjoy both Yaoi and Yuri. So it’s not like I’m truely bashing on everything Yaoi, it just seems there are more stupid Yaoi fans then there are stupid Yuri fans. Personally, I tend to hate on the Yaoi fangirls who think they’re all that (But then again, I hate those Narutards who think they’re all that as well, so it’s not just them either). Being the first real post for my blog, please bear with me.

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