Gamer Talk — The Game Show and The PangYa [10.25.08]

October 26, 2008 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Console, Games | 3 Comments
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With the TGS just past, I’m really only going to talk about what looks promising/interesting for me, so if I don’t talk about [insert game here], it means I don’t like it/am not interested. And, as usual, Weekly Pangya Screenshot at the end, as well as a bit about the new game my sister picked up, De Blob. No, I’m not really expecting something amazing from De Blob, but she wanted it so I’m at least going to give it a try. at the game listings, Gardening Mama?! You’re kidding, right? I have Cooking Mama for the Wii, and seriously, are they trying to milk Cooking Mama for all she’s got? Personally, this might look a bit more interesting if it wasn’t just growing plants. If, say, they stick in some Cooking Mama back into Mama here, we would grow our own ingredients. While, yeah, I figure some of the ingredients you wouldn’t grow, but maybe you sell the crops and– oh wait. That’s Harvest Moon. Well, sort of. If we were to grow our ingredients and then make the food, that would be a bit more interesting. Seriously though, Mama’s voice does get a bit annoying after a while after all (“Yew aah bettaa zan mama!”). of Harvest Moon, there seem to be two titles coming out for the series now, one for the Wii, and another for the DS. I stopped buying these games after Harvest Moon: GBA, in which if I left it unattended for maybe a day it’d be like “Oh, it’s the end of Winter now. Oops, you fail”, which annoyed me to no end and so I quit the Harvest Moon deal for a bit. I now have another 3 Harvest Moon games for GC and PS2, so I didn’t quit for good. “Waku Waku Animal March”, is the Wii title. Firstly lol at the title. It sounds so silly. Apparently this one is more Animal-Based than Farm-Based, so I supposed it’s more of an Animal Ranch deal. Though I’m not sure what one will do to earn money off Ostriches, but hey, that’s prolly just me. Ostrich eggs don’t seem to be in high demand. The DS title, “Welcome to the Wind Bazaar”, which selling point seems to be the new characters and Bazaar function where you sell stuff. This one, for me, looks more Harvest Moon-like and probably something I’d enjoy even if tilling the land and feeding animals gets dull from time to time. Hearts: 358/2 Days got some time, which makes sense. This the DS title to three “KHIII”s that will be coming out. The end of the trailer states Japan will get the game This Winter (Horray!), which is very nice. They’re releasing Re:Chain of Memories in the US, most likely to hold us over until the KHIIIs come out. Watching the trailer, it seems that there’s a 4-player function, AKA: Smart party members, no more will you have to wait for Donald to realize you’re in the red zone! Also, a new, Female, OrgXIII member appears, whose face is nearly shown. Opposite of Olette maybe? Only other important female that doesn’t already have an opposite/is an opposite, so. It also appears it will be full on 3D. Not just the cut-scene at the beginning/end, which is really amazing. Square-Ennix is doing what few other companies do with their games. :P Hearts: Birth By Sleep, for the PSP, showed off a new playable character who goes by the name “Aqua”. At this point, the game will come to Japan in 2009, which means we’ll be getting 358/2 Days, BbS, and somewhere in there will slip in that weird Mobile game. Seems that three entirely new characters are your main cast, and apparently, Aqua is a girl. I call her! >D If that’s her on the left, Nice outfit there. More running around playing the classic Disney Movies, as well as the fact it’s just Kingdom Hearts makes me want this game more and more. Though it seems with all the KHIIIs there is no Sora, Riku, or Kairi. They seem to be dropping the old mains in favor of new ones. This may not fall over so well. Then again, people ship Roxas and Axel, so at least the DS title’s safe. no Tatsujin Wii looks like it’ll be cool, too bad Wiis are region protected, otherwise I’d get it. 1Up has screencaps from Project:DIVA, the Hatsune Miku title coming to the PSP, which I hopefully will be able to get.

Also, another Final Fantasy was announced, but I don’t care, I’m still waiting for XIII. Mind shedding more light on it next time Square-Ennix? And some people may enjoy this one, A Soul Eater title was also announced, though I personally don’t like a lot of the titles that are inspired by Anime. Shugo Chara got one with a mini-RenAi deal in there. >_< And while I didn’t see much on it, The iDOLM@STER SP was announced for the PSP and is slated for Winter 08 I believe. Another title I look forward too.

tl;dr: Gardening Mama LOL, Harvest Moon Again, KH:358/2 Days looks okay, so does KH:BbS, but they’re dropping the main trio it seems. Taiko for the Wii would be better if there wasn’t region protection on the Wii. Project:DIVA’s gonna rawk. No more real info on FF13.

Going to get IdolMaster SP: Missing Moon (Ritsuko’s too cute~!) (Dunno which Version), Project:DIVA, and both KHs for sure. Nothing else is really “MUST GET!” for me.

And because I’m stupid, I just heard about the Haruhi game. They’re re-releasing it now as “Best Version” for Dec. 4th. Christmas please!

Now that that’s dealt with, There’s not much to say on De Blob, though probably by next week I can say a bit more about it since I’ll have had a chance to play. And here’s the weekly PangYa! Screencap for you.

Arin, GET! :3



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