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Before I begin… Whoever posted what was a MSN/AIM/Instant Messaging Conversation of some sort, go right on ahead and comment again. I’d LOVE to get your IP address, assholes. And Lovely “name” there, “HAHAHA”.

Anyways, Here’s a Con Report on AnimeNEXT 2008, all three days. And I took Hinano’s idea with posting the ID Badge as the image before the cut. xD; Don’t shoot me. .___. Please.

Yes, I choose the rainbow-y Mahou Shojo one. xD My sis did as well, and My mom (“Fred”, don’t ask) choose the Negima one. I was betting my dad would pick the Ryuk or whatever the freaky dude’s name is from Death Note, and LULZ he did.

Anyways, so Friday began and we checked into the Hotel. They ran a nice shuttle service to the Con center, so we were able to take that after getting a few things finished up. Heading over we waited for a little bit to get our stickers and then to get our badges and headed in. I slipped into the Hare Hare Fever/Lucky Star Fever panel/workshop thing, and join in the Demonic-Speed HHY and MSF. xD LULZ. Already knowing the dance made it hard to go at the Demonic pace. .___<;;; Demonic refering to the way the characters sound. xD Afterwards, I headed over to the Holiday Inn Lawn for the HHY/MSF/Caramell/Whatever Dance thing I had started up on the Forums. At one point I spotted the CaramellDansen fad going in an oval, and join in. There was another Hatsune Miku, which made me very happy. We all got really tired after a few rounds of that, and stopped. xD;; Then the group for the Dance showed up and we headed into it.


Afterwards, I didn’t have much else to do, so I sat with the Other Hatsune Miku (Brigid), Amu-Chi (Noa), and Tsukasa (Carmen) and we talked for a bit. Me, Carmen, and Noa needed some foods, so we went into the Con Center to go get some. Afterwards, Noa and Carmen went to get some Sushi and I hung out on teh Lawn with Brigid. I needed to go spend monies and left the lawn after a while. I Bought lots of stuff, but I’ll get to that later.

After looking through the Dealer’s Room and Artist’s Alley My sis, Mom and I headed back to the Hotel. We ploped down onto the beds and watched some TV. I got a call from a friend of mine at the con who wanted to know if I was going to the Concert. Pfft, Not a band I like, not goin’. I’d much rather be in a nice hotel room then being in the Con Center till later at Night, Saturday was going to be hells.

So I wake up around 6-7AM Saturday for no real reason, since I don’t have to be there till noon (Dance meetup again). We slowly woke up and headed down for breakfast. It was iffy, but whatever, I needed foods. After that we headed onto the 9:40-ish Shuttle and decided to go into the Dealer’s room to buy things again, since I barely got time for it Saturday. After that, Mom needed cash again, so we walked over to the Bank of America and got some cash and stuff. I headed over to the Lawn and we had the Dance Meetup Again (I know there was at least one person filming. I’ll get videos soon), and then I hung with the Pokémon Meetup for a bit while waitin’ for the Vocaloids. They had yummy cupcakes, the PokéPeoples. 


I also met Hinano there, Yey~ <3 You Amu-Chi cosplay was very Nice, By The Way. <3


Anyways, there was also a Rin, Len, and Meiko there. We (Me and Brigid) Also met up with at least two other Mikus during the day. WOW. <3 Also I met up with another Miku on Sunday. Wow people, wow. <3 The Vocaloid Meet-Up was amazin’ Funs, since it was really nice to see the whole Vocaloid Family (Minus Kaito). Maybe Next Year we’ll get the full crew a’goin’.


I also spotted a two Amulet Spades who I snapped pictures of. <3 It’s nice to see series that while they aren’t super popular or well known, there’s still a good deal of Cosplayers of the characters. <3

Moving along, After the Vocaloid Meet-Up and Photoshoot, I hung around the Lawn until a bit before the Yuri Panel. I walked on over there, and stood around with the other people going there, and stayed until about 10 minutes for Crazy Otaku. Bad Idea, but I rushed over and fortunatly got a seat. Huzzah. I stayed till the end and screwed over the Karaoke. I waited in-line for the Masquerade and we got a decent seat to the right of the Staff-booth-thing.

The Masqurade was enjoyable, though it could have always been better. The Brawl Skit at the end was amusing, and most of the winning AMVS had my sides hurting. xD; There was, as expected, a Haruhi gang doin’ the Hare Hare Yukai, but ah well. They were the only ones, fortunatly. As a note, I belive it was not the same crew as I have pictured below. xP

After the Eroge Panel, where I met some friends from another Anime thing I went to, I left a bit early to go back to the Hotel. I went to sleep and Sunday came quick.

The Last day of teh Con was really slow. I spent a good deal of time in the Dealer’s Room and Artist’s Alley. Unfortunatly, the Rain got really strong and stopped the Dance Meetup for Sunday. By the time I made it over there it was 12:30 and no one was there. Oh well.

After that, I hung around waiting for the Character Design panel to begin, and headed into that. Afterwards My mom was all “I want to go home.” Fortunatly fer me, Noa (Amu-Chi, Minus Wig) came into the Con then, and I was all “OMG ISH JOO. <3” And My Mom was all “Whatever, fine, stay” then. xD We rushed into the last minutes of the Dealer’s Room, and then hung around for a bit. We Walked over to the Holiday Inn and watched some of School Rumble, which was really good. The Closing Ceremonies were blah, all talk and shizzums, and So After a bit I headed back to the Staircase with my Mom and bid Goodbye to Noa and headed home.

Booty Report

What I bought. xP

Hatsune Miku Shirt, Haruhi Shirt

Haruhi Wallet, NewType Magazine (Japan) July08 Edition

Lucky*Star LE DVD Vol1, Vocaloid Keychain, Konata Cellphone Stap (Which I can’t use… yet), Long-Haired Haruhi Pin.

Rica’tte Kanji? Manga, 5 boxes of Pocky, .hack//ALCOR Manga, Lucky*Star Vol.1 Manga

(AA) I <3 Yuri Pin, Chiyo (Azumanga) Pin, Weighted Companion Cube Pin, Hatsune Miku Keychain, Dancing Sushi Stickers (Freebie), Otaku ID.

(Figures) Suiseiseki & Souseiseki Keychains, Imouto-Chan figure, Mikuru Figure, Day of the Saggitarius Yuki Figure, Someday in the Rain Haruhi Figure, Cheerleader Miyuki Petit Nendoriod, Card-Playing Haruhi Petit Nendoriod.

Konpeito candy. It’s like Rock Candy. <3



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  1. Did you take a video of me and my friend doing Night Of Fire? Oh yeah and if there’s a Vocaloid Meet-Up next year, just letting you know, I might do Miku(maybe).

  2. I think I have part of it, I’ll put it up on YouTube in a few. ^w^ I missed the beginning cause my camera wouldn’t go to Video Mode. :T

  3. Awww….it sounds like you hadda lotta funs. XD I wishes I coulda gone wicha. But holeh crap! You bought a lotta stuff! I was going through it like: O______O wows.

    But yes. I still have my AIM but you’re never on at the same time as me thus the emails.


  4. =O Sounds fuuuuun~ x3

    …I want that Haruhi shirt. XD

  5. Yeah Konpeito candy’s delicious.

  6. i love konpeito

  7. Just desire to say your article is as surprising. The clarity in your post is simply nice and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the gratifying work.

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