Cosplay — ミクのスカート!

April 6, 2008 at 4:57 pm | Posted in Conventions, Cosplay | 1 Comment
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LOL That should be correct Japanese. If it’s not I should be sent to hell and murdered constantly cause that is some seriously simple Japanese. xD

Miku Skirt Anyways, me and my mom got to work on the Miku skirt as well this weekend, and it is TADAAA finished~! \(^w^)/ I’m very happy. This skirt also has pockets, I just didn’t bother showing them off in the pictures this time. This skirt has less defined pleats compared to Haruhi’s skirt. The stripe of teal/blue/whatever at the bottom was sewn on afterwards and then flipped up and sewn again so it wouldn’t make the skirt super long (Since it’s LOL already supposed to be LOL SHORTER). Not much to the skirt. We haven’t gotten to the belt loop thing yet either. Next time I’ll show this off will be after the top and tie are finished, since without the tie the top looks weird.

Pictures beneath the LOL CUT.

HAI MISTER CUT. xD Okays, enough me being stupid. xD

LOLWUT Eh whatever Le Gaspo

Click for Full Size

LOL @ My room in the third picture. There’s like, nu animoo except for my PC. Dx It is kinda sad.


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  1. Hi there!

    I’m making a Miku skirt myself (squeal! XP) and was wondering what material you used for the black part? I need to buy some and wanted some ideas prior to going into the shops C:

    If you can help me out that would be very much appreciated!
    Thank-you xx

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