Cosplay Progress — Haruhi/Kyonko

April 5, 2008 at 4:26 pm | Posted in Anime, Conventions, Cosplay | 1 Comment
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Haruhi School UniformFigured I should include this, since it is related to anime and such. xD

Basically, I’ve been working on my cosplays for AnimeNext recently, and this is the first of the two I’m planning on doing this year. It’s Haruhi Suzimiya, but might be morphed into Kyonko later on if I feel like it (Since it’s the same uniform and all xD)

The uniform is made with fabric, of course, in white and blue. The red stripes are red ribbon attached to the parts. The “M” logo thing was fabric painted onto the inner flap of the top. The headband is a read headband with gold ribbon hot glued onto it. And the armband is red fabric with hand-painted characters, “団長” (Dan-Chou, Brigade Leader), on it, and then sewn. Pattern-wise, this was made with a “Cheerleader” pattern set, with alterations for the top. The collar was made to go down further, the inner flap added, sleeve cuffs, and the velco it called for changed to a zipper to save my long hair (xD). The skirt was kept identical to the pattern (Which was rather freaky how well the pattern matched the Haruhi Skirt), only we added some pockets with velco (to keep the stuff from falling out). Out of the picture are… Black knee-highs, and blue converse (Since the match still).

And since some of you prolly want to se me in the cosplay, here’s a few shots.

 SOS-dan! Assemble! Pockets!

SOS-DAN! Assemble!           |                O: Pokketo desu!

LOL I’mma dork. x3 And LOL I look tall. As for the Hatsune Miku cosplay, I’ve only got the skirt pattern cut out, and not even counting the stripe at the bottom. Just the black portion of her skirt. .__<;;; A long ways a head. We have patterns for the skirt (Same set as the Haruhi cosplay xD), and the Shirt (A vest pattern thingy). The arm sleeves and boot covers will be made from skratch. x3 The wig will be ordered at some point and shalala. I’ll share some pictures when some more of that is finished, since I’m excited to cosplay Miku. I really am.


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  1. NIce ! did you make your Cosplays? How much they are for the things i mean .. Nice ! would have it

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