Cosplay — 1000% Miku!

May 31, 2008 at 2:36 pm | Posted in Cosplay, Hatsune Miku | 4 Comments
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1000%Those who get where the title comes from, +9001 internets for you. =3 S’not a hard one to know though. xD

Anyways, my mom wanted most of my cosplay out of the way, so we got it done. The armsleeves, socks (to create illusion of her boots xP), and Negis were made/finished. Also, I added a snap to the top of the shirt since it was… er… kinda not covering everything. @___@;;; The tie made up for it, but I didn’t want to trust in the tie all the time.

I’m very proud of this cosplay. =3 It’s MIKU for gawd’s sake. <3 There are still a few parts missing or need final touches. The Wig needs to be styled still (And I’m not even thinking about it today), and I need to get out to buy a pair of shoes for this (That I can still HHY/MSF in). If you can spot the other missing parts, +10 internets per missing part (Yesh, more then one).

Tie’s still a pain in the arse. More pictures after the cut.


                         Pose to show it all off                    ||                             “V!”

Now some ネギ winnorz!


                                      Dual ネギ!                          ||                    Omnomnom~


Oh yes, and don’t mess with the almighty power of the ネギ, YOU WILL REGRET IT.


You There! Do not defy the ネギ!  Unless you want this to be you! ↑

Yus, I am a dork. x3 That is all.



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  1. =OO

    Nyachan, you look so cute!

    You look really, really good in that first picture. =P

  2. Way cute! :3 And I love your hair~! (I’m thinking of doing mine pink m’self.)

  3. Whoo… congrats!

  4. Lol funny leek

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