MMO Review: PiStory — A big ball of quiet

September 4, 2008 at 6:15 pm | Posted in MMORPGs | 3 Comments
Tags: , , , , , ,, so I figured, let’s try those games I only thought about. Now I can add more games to my list. Recently I started up Pi Story. I’ve played a nice count of MMOs, but none have really kept my interest. Most of them hit a level where grinding is insanly not worth it, or just something about it starts to tick me off. The longest game I think was MapleStory, but that was also really on and off after a few monthes. So while I had it on my PC the longest, and most likely clocked the most hours in it, I had an addiction phase (First MMOs do that, you know), followed by a recruitment phase (Gotta have IRL friends too!), and then a “this sucks.” stage. After that every so many monthes I’d wait half an hour for it to patch, go on… find it STILL sucks, and log off. So finally that stupid waste of space is off my PC. I’ve been trying MMOs to see if anything sticks, but nothing but PangYa really seems to…

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