NaNoWriMo has eatten me Alive..

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Tags: , , ,’d like to just apologize for my lack of posts recently, and forgetfulness on basically everything. I’ve been writing my Novel, which you can see my daily notes at my NaNoBlog, 十一月の夢, so I’ve been forgetting to watch anime and post on it. Or rather, I don’t feel in the mood too. :/ Also lack of Gamer Talk posts too cause I just don’t feel like writing anything after I write 2,000 words every day. It kinda gets boring, you know? Anyways, enjoy this picture of my Iori (iDOLM@STER) on Soul Calibur 4 until I resume posting regularly.



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HUZZAH. I have now whooped the butts of many dudes. >D

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Gaming Report — 7.24.08

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There’s a few things I want to talk about, but first… The feature for this week’s Playstation Underground Newsletter is…

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