Game GET! — Rock Band 2

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Tags: , , , ,, so maybe it’s not the most Anime-Related game out there. And yeah, there aren’t really any songs I like from before playing on here. But I sure as hell kick serious butt at RB! When we picked up AC: City Folk, My dad decided he’d get RB2 since we were there. I got some time to play it, and just barely began into the Tour Mode. I am loving the One Character being able to play on any instrument. I no longer need one character for every instrument! Hurrah! I prefer my character “Natsuko”, though I also use “Hatsune Miku” for Vocals if I’m going double. Sister’s Character goes by “Andie”, and she does either Bass or Drums, like in RB1. All DLC goes for both games, so I can still play some of my old songs. There’s a new store, a Thrift Store, in the Rock Shop which has low prices and what not. I’m saving up for the frilled skirt thing, I love that one~ <3 Maybe someday soon I can up to Expert on guitar~ Someday…

Wanna play with me, Add me on your PSN. My Username is meower, just either shoot me a message that you’re from here or Post yours here.


Idiots of the world…

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Let's Flame them... Litterally.

Okay, as I mentioned a few days back, I took part in my school’s Rock Band compition. Me and my friends practiced a bit before going out for the show, and then we were off.

Anyways, time to flame those idiots. I wish I had Chimchar/Hikozaru’s flamethrower. Dx Then I could flame ’em litterally too.


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Eh Wha?

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Rock Band LOL WUT? I’ve been playing WHAT?

Yes, I’ve been playing Rock Band. Why? Because I’m going to be in a competition at my school for it. =D It’s gonna be fun, since my group is all girls. Like, some groups may a have a girl (Most likely on Vocals if anything), but we’re all girls. PWNSOME. I have to “teach” my friend who wants to play the drums how to do such, but that shouldn’t be too bad, we have two weeks. And if we can get her up to playing Medium Difficulty consistantly, that’s some serious skeelz. I don’t care if people go “You’re drummer’s playing on medium!” or crap, We’re teaching her in two weeks. She has never played Rock Band before this. Seriously. >3

As for the rest of us, I’m playing Lead Guitar (Hard/Medium Mode), A friend’s playing Bass (Hard Mode), and another friend is on Vocals (No prior playing Rock Band, but she has played SingStar). We have some form of experience with our play style for it, so we should be good. It’s our drummist we worry a bit about. Ah well.

… I need to stop making this blog not about Animoo. LOL.

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