Gamer Talk — Gotta Catch ‘Em All? [02-14-10]

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Been a bit since I last posted one of these, but I guess that’s just cause I haven’t really done much gaming-wise. School keeps eating me alive. Anyways, so this is kind of mostly Pokémon related today, since that’s what I’ve been working on. I’m also gonna talk a little bit about Zoroa and Zoroak, the two new Pokémon, cause I just want to say a few things on them. I really’ don’t have a LOT to say on them, but this is as good a posts as any to briefly mention them. Sooo, beyond the cut we go~

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Gamer Talk — Fate Seeker [01-31-10]

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Alright! I’m going to merge this with the “Game GET!!” thing, because I sort of played my new game a lot. This weekend I had to go out to get a few things, and ended up at GameStop for the Shiny Pichu, and looked around a bit and spotted a really nice find! I was able to get PangYa! PSP for only $10! I jumped at the chance and bought it. It wasn’t something I was looking for specifically, but I had been interested in the game since it’s Korean Released way back. It crossed my mind while I was looking at the PSP games and I happened across it, can’t believe I found it for such a nice price! It’s a great game too, as you’ll see after the cut and a bit of Tartaros talk.

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Gamer Talk [02.01.09] — Going IMAGINE Crazy!

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Tags: , , ,, with Double EXP events showing up like crazy (I think they’re trying to make them weekend events?), I’ve been playing IMAGINE Online like craaaazy. This SMT is beating out the Persona games I have sitting around, but hey it’s still SMT. xD I’m only about 30% from leveling up, so hopfully I can get that today~. Oh and the Air Spectrum from New Moon is win. :3

In other news, I have quit Ai Sp@ce for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it lagged like crazy in half the areas, and I would keep rubberbanding. Not fun. Secondly it can take 5-20 tries to log in for it to finally let me get to the character screen, which made me very frustrated by the time I would log in. And being frustrated leads to me not giving a damn about playing anymore. And third, patching takes forever and takes a couple minutes to find the patch. Though I did enjoy Ai Sp@ce (when I wasn’t frustrated), I’m glad to say I have more room on my computer. Maybe I’ll try it again someday, but for now I’ll stay away from it.

Gamer Talk [01.11.09] — Persona, Persona, Persona!

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Tags: , , , , , , , , a while since I made one of these posts, but here we go.  Due to Christmas passing, I have not only gotten a new console but a pile of games to overwhelm myself with. On top of that an MMO has been lost and gained within the past week or so.

So let’s get this thing rolling. As a note, I am attempting to catch up on my anime, I should get ef – melo done sometimes soon… ish.

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MMO Review: PiStory — A big ball of quiet

September 4, 2008 at 6:15 pm | Posted in MMORPGs | 3 Comments
Tags: , , , , , ,, so I figured, let’s try those games I only thought about. Now I can add more games to my list. Recently I started up Pi Story. I’ve played a nice count of MMOs, but none have really kept my interest. Most of them hit a level where grinding is insanly not worth it, or just something about it starts to tick me off. The longest game I think was MapleStory, but that was also really on and off after a few monthes. So while I had it on my PC the longest, and most likely clocked the most hours in it, I had an addiction phase (First MMOs do that, you know), followed by a recruitment phase (Gotta have IRL friends too!), and then a “this sucks.” stage. After that every so many monthes I’d wait half an hour for it to patch, go on… find it STILL sucks, and log off. So finally that stupid waste of space is off my PC. I’ve been trying MMOs to see if anything sticks, but nothing but PangYa really seems to…

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Gaming Report: 06.29.08

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After one Game post comes another~

I’m just going to go straight to a cut to cover my Gaming adventures of this week.

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Game Report 2008.06.05

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Well, since I’ve gotten a tad sick of Nexon’s Mabinogi, due to the fact they have basically decided “JOO MUST PAY MONEY EVERY FEW MONTHS TO PLAY WITH PEOPLES”. Everyone has rebirthed (Paid real money for a new character card), and moved on up from Ciar dungeon, where I can handle myself. Thus, I’m alone and bored and got sick of it quickly.

So I figured “Let’s Try Audition.” Audition is similar to DDR in that it’s a Dancing game, however the main modes of the game include typing arrows into the PC super fast and pressing space on the 3rd beat of a 4-beat measure. The songs range roughly from 80BPM-190BPM, and those 140BPM+ are hard enough even for seasoned players. It’s a casual game and the part earning Nexon the cash are clothing and special items. However, unlike MapleStory’s community, it doesn’t give the same aura around a player with Nexon Cash’d clothes. In MS, most people decided if you have NX clothes, you’re super powerful and are rich and would own their arse. Flip it to the opposite to get what people without NX Cash clothes are thought of sometimes.

Audi’s community doesn’t do that, which is a nice thing to see. People playing with each other for the sake of playing, not to own someone out. I’ve found most of the players are more accomodating and willing to help new players out then in MS. It’s a lovely thing, it really is. While I’m still new at this, It’s nice to see that I’m not told that I suck and I’m ugly because I’m a low level and I don’t buy NX clothes.

I’m Natsu-Ko on Audi, and am working on hitting 12K EXP to get my Licence up to Bopper from Poser. Swapping between Free and Beginner channel you’ll find me. And, no, I won’t be you’re Game GF.

Also, if Combat Arms didn’t have an engine problem, I would be playing. My Name in Game is Kisemi (I think it is… haven’t gotten in a game yet due to Engine error), and I haven’t actually played yet. Dx;;; Stupid bad coding.

Weekly Mabinogi Report — 04.20.08

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Kise (OB+) Age 17Thus begins something I hope to keep going at a regular pace. The Weekly Mabinogi Report! I will include Patches, Events, Personal Goals, and Achievements in these posts once a week! Since I’ve already accumulated 9 or so weeks of play time (All Betas Included).

The image will be Kisemi’s (My Character) “snatshot” file when I make the post.

Current Mabinogi Stats

Name: Kisemi

Server: Tarlach

Age: 17

Level: 25

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