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Celsiy (August)

Those who’ve spotted my Poupeé Girl account may have seen the newest post, my doll, Omi. Her full name is Omiyage (お土産), since she was my birthday present a few years back. I only have one doll currently, though I do fall in love with some from time to time. Each doll ranges from 70-80$, depending on how recent She is, and what condition she’s in (If buying not from someone selling the stock dolls). The Pullip Company has also done collaborations which include Rozen Maiden and Evengalion dolls. I’ve also seen a Tweety DAL (The 11-12 year old sister(?) of the Pullips) as well a Cinnamoroll. They’re super cute and really pretty, so I guess it’s kinda of okay I love them so much. They’re basically Fashion Dolls, you dress ’em up, take pictures, and let them hang.

My Omi-chan is a Greggia, a little Ram-Girl with her sheep Mee-chan. Normally I don’t keep her in her stock outfit, since I make her clothes. I didn’t really love a doll’s look (Mainly just the head, since I’m too much of a fraidy-cat to do edits) too much until Aquel (No Link). I was thinking of making her a Mini-Me or something, but now that it’s been a while and I’m still poor… and now she’s restocking I’m doubting my possibility of getting her. I was a bit bored today and headed over to PullipStyle and saw Celsiy. While her stock doesn’t thrill me, omigawd her face is beautiful. <3 It sucks so hard I have no money.

Anyways, what I’m getting to is that if my intrest doesn’t fall off the map again, I may go back into this and start to post comments on the dolls that are coming up, as announced on PullipStyle. Also, now that I think about things, I may wish to custom a doll to become Hatsune Miku and/or Kagamine Rin. And if I do Rin, I should do Len (Taeyangs are the guys). I wouldn’t mind wig-swap since I should change bodies anyways, but it’ll be finding a good faceup and the right color that would be the issue. *shrugs*

… now that I think about it, Aquel has a nice faceup…


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