Game GET! — Animal Crossing: City Folk

November 16, 2008 at 5:16 pm | Posted in Console, Games | 12 Comments
Tags: , , , , , , sessions will be able new games and what first impressions are. When I get a new game I’ll play one session, and then post here.

Today Animal Crossing: City Folk was released so I headed upt to pick it up. I love the idea of the Pro Designs, and I’v already made the Winter uniform from CLANNAD and my character, Natsuko, is wearing it. Tomorrow I’ll try to hit 3K Bells get her a new hairdo. The Mii Masks kinda freak me out a little (Though My Mii’s head doesn’t look all that bad, just creepy), but I don’t mind the free makeover. Also, shoe shines are awesome, and my character’s shoes are color-matched to the Seifuku as pink. I might keep it that color though. xD

My character lives in “Tokyo” (Excuse my unoriginallity, Been using that Town Name in AC for a while), and is named “Natsuko”. My sister also plays on here as “Vicky-Te” (Some band person), and I designed her a Pro Outfit too. :3 Both are on display in my Sable Sisters Store, so if you pop on into my Town sometime, feel free to take ’em (Just leave them behind, kays?)

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On the Gaming Side [10.05.08]

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Tags: , , , ,, since I’ve wanted to play the Tales Series, I’m getting a friend to lend me Abyss. As a bit of more interesting experience, I’m planning to play along with the anime. Not sure exsactly how I’m going to work it, though I think my best bet is to watch the Anime episode, and then go and play up until where they ended. Though I can bet I’ll want to move on, and one week I’ll cave in. Pretty sure that it’ll be an interesting game run, as well as series, due to the weird way I’ll be watching it. Just gotta make sure she doesn’t forget to lend me it. xP Also, since it’s 6-7 monthes of anime, wow, might be the longest I take to finish a game. xD If I follow along with the anime, that is. As a note, until I have the game in my hands I won’t start watching. Just so that I know I can do this the fun way.

EDIT: Got the game, okay to borrow for the length of the series. Will probably be playing along with my Sister, since more people will make the game that much easier. Going to do the first mission and start watching soon~! other games, My copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk is on pre-order, and I will prolly share my code when it arrives and I start playing. Might take away from my NaNoWriMo time, but whatever. I’ll be watching anime and playing PangYa still. xD;; On the PS3 side, Rock Band 2 is now out, though I don’t know if we’re getting it. Perosnally I have no preference, since any downloadable songs are 1 and 2 compadable, and Stock songs never really intrest me. Heck, none of the songs really do. I only tolerate them.

On a slightly related note, I’ll share a PangYa! screencap… one of the many with Lucia’s pantsu in it.

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