Extremely Late Post on Black★Rock Shooter

August 10, 2010 at 10:26 am | Posted in Vocaloid | 4 Comments
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Well, like every other Vocaloid fan, I was excited to hear about an OVA being made based off the popular Black★Rock Shooter song. I had been waiting for it to show up online for the longest time. When we finally got a date it would be released, I was excited. And then… I watched it. To put it simply, it was far from what I excepted.

So let’s start with the plot. It was generic crap everywhere really. The same crap I don’t want to watch anymore. We start with some pointless fight scene between BRS and someone else I don’t really remember, before cutting to this Mato chick whose uneven ponytails annoyed me for the entirety of the show. Cute, sure I guess I can give it that, but they still annoyed me for some reason. BRS’s ponytails are pretty bad at points too, so I guess they just can’t get ponytails to look right most of the time or something. Anyways, Mato becomes friends with this other girl Yomi. Cue the friendship montage involving a crap load of still images, and then suddenly, high middle school dorama! They get split up, oh noes! Mato makes a new friend in Yuu. And suddenly more fighting scenes of little importance at the moment! Finally, Yomi becomes a huge bitch for seemingly no reason. Turns out that cell phone charm Mato has as well as the one she gave to Yomi connect them to the BRS-verse or something like that, and Yomi was whisked away there, where she was then taken over by Dead Master. Mato then becomes Black★Rock Shooter and solves this problem with the only thing I guess she can think of, a great big hug! Then suddenly Yomi is fine and both of the girls return to their world. Finally, after the credits roll, we see that Yuu is beginning to exhibit the same sort of bitchiness as Yomi did before! Oh no, the cycle repeats!

This walk cycle, ugh So awkward looking

Honestly, this was so disappointing I don’t even know how to put it into words. It’s essentially the same stuff I don’t want to watch and all I did was facepalm or headdesk the entire thing. Not to mention the animation quality was rather horrid. It’s not too hard to see the majority if not all of their budget went straight to the backgrounds. I guess the way I can put this is it’s frustrating, to see something which I thought had much more potential get crammed into the same school drama sort of thing. It’s like a mahou shojo series with the mahou warped into whatever you want to use to explain the BRS-verse. I was horrendously disappointed in this OVA and really hope they don’t write another one. Between the same ol’, same ol’ story and the crappy animation, I will be happy to see this OVA never, ever touched again.



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  1. didn’t bother watching this because I assumed it would be exactly like you had written lol

  2. Hey, I didn’t know how else to contact you, but I’m the guy with the beard you gave the web address for your comics to (my name is Chris, btw). Just wanted to say that i read through the “FireRed” comic, and thought it was really good. You’re very talented. Feel free to hunt me down on facebook or e-mail me or something so you can let me know when you put up new stuff.

  3. Really like the content material on this website, you should keep it up!

  4. Your info is really terrible you know that?

    FIRST OFF. Black Rock Shooter is indeed a song but that’s not where the OVA originates from. It was from an artist named huke who drew a character named Black Rock Shooter. Someone saw the similarities between Miku and BRS, and made a song. Get your facts straight idiot.

    I agree that Black Rock Shooter was lacking in plot. A LITTLE. You’re calling it cliche, excuse me? A cliche anime is where you have like 48 girls who lust after one guy and they all turn into magical cat bitches. Look, the point of this OVA was for art to be honest. They bulit a plot around the art that huke made. I agree that it was lacking but then you’re saying that its “CRAPPY ANIMATION”? Listen lady, if you want terrible animation go watch naruto. Every anime and every t.v. show has a terrible shot or two. Why don’t you go try animating? Its not fucking easy. It takes lots of practice. Look, everyone has a different art style. Taht doesnt mean the animation is terrible. You should try not to be such a fucking idiot.

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