Pokémon: Bagged then Tagged! [DP147]

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Today marks the end of the Kotone episodes! Aw, I’m going to miss her. D: She’s such an awesome character, not just because of the fact she’s the anime counter part to my favorite Pokémon main game protagonist, but also because she has an interesting personality. I hope she appears later, but chances are she won’t. This episode was pretty good, though it’s sad to see Kotone go.

The episode opens up with the group arriving at a Colosseum just outside of Suiren (Lilypad) Town (with some bad dub music ugh). The Ash, Hikari (Dawn), Kotone (Lyra), and Kazunari (Khoury) decide to take part in a battle, but Brock stops them and reminds them to pray (er, “wish”) at the statues first. The group wishes for various things between wanting to become a Pokémon Master to traveling with friends. Suddenly, Team Rocket appears to lengthen the episode! They kidnap Pochama (Piplup) and Pikachu and run off underground in the Drapion Mecha they have. Ash sends his Monferno to follow the underground path and they then follow from the ground. Team Rocket notices Monferno and sends out a decoy, which confuses Monferno and it resurfaces. The group reach Monferno and decide to split up. Kazunari gives Hikari his Pokégear so they can contact each other if they find Team Rocket. Hikari and Ash end up going towards the decoy and it blows up so they head back to the main path. Kazunari, Kotone, and Brock find that Team Rocket had used the river to cover their tracks (compared to previous episodes, this seems amazingly smart from Team Rocket…), however Kazunari figures out they went upstream based on the pokémon by the river. Kotone calls and informs Hikari that they went upstream and the group takes back Pochama and Pikachu from Team Rocket. They then head back to the Colosseum to finally do the tag battle. Ash sends out Monferno and Hikari sends out Cyndaquil so Kazunari sends out Totodile. Kotone, however, sends out Chikorita. A bit shocked, Kazunari comments on it, but Kotone replies that she has an idea. Ash and Hikari start off the double battle with Flamethrower and Swift, which Kotone then uses Light Screen to protect them from. Totodile then uses water gun for massive damage. The battles goes on, Cyndaquil has a panic attack when its attack doesn’t work which allows Kotone to get an attack in. However Chikorita and Totodile take a direct hit and are barely able to stand afterwards. After encouraging words from Kotone and Kazunari, the pokémon get back up and Kazunari’s Totodile evolves to Croconaw and learns Hydro Pump. Unfortunately for Kotone and Kazunari, both their pokémon had still taken a lot of damage and after Croconaw landed one Hydro Pump they were unable to land a hit before Ash and Hikari’s pokémon knocked theirs out. Brock tells the two of them they did well and were a good team. Kazunari remembers they have to head to the airport to head back to Johto as his father calls, so the group rushes over. At the airport, Kotone asks Kazunari to accompany her in the rest of her Johto journey and he says yes. Kazunari’s father then gives Brock a pokégear. Kotone and Kazunari then board the blimp and head back to Johto.

Well this episode received a major overhaul of music. Like, whoa. To make matters worse, it was some pretty bad music to boot. They replaced a LOT of the music and added some more in for no reason if I’m not mistaken. However, Kotone still wins with another Team Rocket motto comment, this time it being “That sad excuse for a motto’s a big waste of time!” As for other things, I didn’t really notice Team Rocket’s rhyming thing too much until this episode. It’s either I just wasn’t paying attention to it, or they made it so much more obvious this episode, I’m not sure which. But either way, the rhyming got pretty painful. My only other comment is ACE☆DETECTIVE KAZUNARI! xD I enjoyed this episode, even though it means farewell to Kotone.

Oh and I just have to bring up this piece of awesome animation:

Matrix-Style Pokémans!

As for me posting more on Pokémon, I may and I may not. I do have Movie 12’s sub on my computer now and intend to watch it, though I’m not sure if I’ll post anything on it. I will keep up with the anime most likely, though I can’t be sure I’ll get up for the dubs as this morning I woke up just as it ended so I had to hunt it down online. If I find any of the episodes interesting or worth commenting on, however, I’ll likely post something on it even if I don’t watch the dub.


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