Pokémon: Dressed for Jess Success! [DP146]

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Today’s episode was the Suiren (Lilypad) Town contest, where Hikari (Dawn) majorly gets her ass kicked! Well, only against Jessilina/James dressed as Jessie. James, who’s pretending to be Jessie because she’s sick, wins the ribbon, which I was happy to see. Hopefully she gets farther and gets more ribbons. I didn’t watch practically any of the Advance Generation portion of Pokémon, but I heard she didn’t get any ribbons and never made it any farther, so it would be nice to see Jessie get somewhere with this. It definitely gives something more to her character than just chasing after Ash for all this time.

So, the episode starts off with Hikari training for the contest with Manmoo (Mamoswine), and is able to do what the seem to call “ice armor”. Cyndaquil wants to be in the contest, but Hikari had already decided on using Piplup and Manmoo, and tells Cynda to cheer from the crowd. In a random building along the path, Jessie is feeling sick but still wants to be in the contest. So she sends James dressed up as her to do it for her. Once the contest gets started, Hikari does pretty well, as does James, and both make it to the battle round. Manmoo does well in the first battle round, however it also knocks out its opponent in one hit, rather than allowing Hikari to use more techniques. Kotone (Lyra) and Kazunari (Khoury) are both confused as to why she would be disappointed in her victory, to which Ash says that she would have wanted to do more than just the one set of moves. In the next battle (after we see a mass of Johto pokémon in the time card-like contest pictures), it’s James VS Hikari. As Manmoo powers up, James uses Carnavine’s vine whip to take the energy ball away. Manmoo gets ticked off, and looses control. The remainder of the time is spent with Hikari shouting at Manmoo to listen, Manmoo running like a crazy person, and Carnavine jumping with grace over Manmoo back and forth. After Manmoo rams right into the judge’s panel, the time is up and James wins by a lot. Hikari continues to be positive and tells Manmoo they’ll do better next time. James wins the contest in the next round, and Jessie is extremely happy to have another ribbon. Back to Ash & co., Hikari cheers up Manmoo and everyone tells Hikari they’ll help her however they can. Insert cheesy moral about friendship, and end episode.

So, I didn’t really notice anything that bothered me. Kotone and Kazunari used the phrase “talent show” instead of “short gag competition” to describe the first round, which I guess is a good equivalent. Iunno, felt like a weird way to put it. xD Oh and in the ramen thing James did with Meowth, ramen became “noodle soup”, which really isn’t wrong per say, and I sure was expecting it, I just think of “chicken noodle soup” when I hear that so it was a little weird. Nothing really bad that I remember. This week I watched at home on the HD TV so I got to see it nice and in widescreen. :3 Much better than the tiny TV I have at my dorm. Well, that’s all for this week! Next week, Ash, Hikari, Kazunari and Kotone take part in a double battle before Kotone and Kazunari return to Johto! Not sure if I’ll keep watching after this, but if I do I don’t think I’ll post on the episodes unless I find the interesting or I have some other reason.


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