Pokémon: A Rivalry to Gible on! [DP145]

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Morning~! Anyways, this week’s Pokémon episode just finished up, time to talk about it. Kotone (Lyra) plays cupid this episode even more, and at the same time starts to realize Kazunari (Khoury) isn’t the same as he was in DP143. x3 As you can guess, someone gets a Gible/Fukamaru, and it’s Kazunari. He finally stopped acting like an idiot! Horray! Behind the cut we goooo~

So the episode opens up with the gang reaching a Pokémon Center, where Brock does his whole “I love you Nurse Joy #3298348098579, I loooove yoooou”, and then gets jabbed in the butt by Croagunk. Since I don’t watch on a regular basis, this was the first time I saw it since I watched the subs a while ago. xD And the first time since Movie 12’s airing that I saw it in the dub. Reminds me of the good ol’ days of Pokémon, ‘cept with Croagunk instead of Misty. Anyways, this group of three kids (who seriously, to me, don’t look 10 and shouldn’t have or be capturing Pokémon, but whatever) come in carrying fainted Pokémon for Nurse Joy to heal. She scolds them for going near this rouge Gible and goes to tend to the Pokémon. Brock offers his assistance as he seems to have gotten back up from the poison jab, and leaves Hikari (Dawn), Kotone, Kazunari, and Ash to go do whatever they want. Hearing about the Gible, Ash wants to capture it, so they all go to find the Gible. Kotone begins playing cupid, trying to match up Hikari and Kazunari, saying they’ll make the perfect couple. A wild GIBLE appears! GIBLE used strength! It misses the gang, and then Kazunari’s breeder instincts activate and he wants to capture this Gible as well. They go to a large field and try to capture Gible, with Kotone and Ash teamed up versus Hikari and Kazunari. Kotone and Ash first try and chase it around, though the end up joining Hikari and Kazunari in trying this “fishing” sort of method. After pulling Piplup out twice, finally Gible grabs on. Hikari tugs at the rod, trying to pull it out of the grass, but it’s strong and even Kazunari helping her doesn’t do the trick. It escapes, and they follow it to a nearby cave. Ash rushes ahead, gets caught in a Trapinch trap, Hikari lectures him, Kotone sees that Hikari cares for Ash and wonders if she’s like that with Kazunari. Then they actually go into the cave and then everyone gets split up over the course of quite a few mishaps. Ash finds Hikari while Kazunari finds Kotone, and they finally meet back up and find the exit, thanks to Kazunari. Where were these skills and this confidence two episodes ago? Geez, Kazunari. They get out of the cave to find Gible waiting for them. Ash wants to capture it, however Kazunari steps forward to try and capture it. Kotone and Hikari tell Ash to let Kazunari try and capture it, since he’s worked up about it. After a battle of strength, Kazunari captures it! And end episode~

Fukamaru GETTO DAZE!

Okay, so this episode Kotone plays cupid. There were some pretty “daaaaawwww” moments in this episode, though I personally don’t care for shipping too much. Piplup really needs to stop running around, hopefully it learns that in that “Pochama gets lost” episode or something. For whatever reason, Kotone saying “It’s over there! Now it’s there! Ah! It’s catching up!” didn’t really bother me in Japanese, but it felt silly and kind of annoying in English. Dunno why, maybe it’s the VA. As for Kazunari, he finally got his act together! Horray! Team Rocket wasn’t in the episode much, though they did almost get eaten by a Sharpedo! xD That’s about all I have to say about this episode, so until next week!


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  1. Hahaha…. I like Lyra’s personal. :)

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