Gamer Talk — Gotta Catch ‘Em All? [02-14-10]

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Been a bit since I last posted one of these, but I guess that’s just cause I haven’t really done much gaming-wise. School keeps eating me alive. Anyways, so this is kind of mostly Pokémon related today, since that’s what I’ve been working on. I’m also gonna talk a little bit about Zoroa and Zoroak, the two new Pokémon, cause I just want to say a few things on them. I really’ don’t have a LOT to say on them, but this is as good a posts as any to briefly mention them. Sooo, beyond the cut we go~

Before I talk a bit on Pokémon, however, I’ll talk a bit about Tartaros because I finally found some time to get farther in it. My Pinko is now level 24 (nearly level 25, but is right now at 100% fatigue so I can’t really do much)
and I got Nagi now. However, whoa my god the level 21 scenario! I tried to do it with Pinko at 24 and Nagi at 23 and it was like an inta-death when we finally got to the boss room! Plus Nagi’s AI likes to have a brain fart, so I kind of kept swapping between her and Pinko because Nagi would just stand there while Ilisia or whoever else was in the party was needing a heal. Dx Aurgh Nagiiiiii. Hopefully I can still find time for this during the week, since we have Ruko now and I really want to get up to her soon. :3 But seeing my pace at leveling… it’s going to be a while… OTL

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And now for Pokémon. Since I last posted I’ve gotten to Mio (Canalave) City in my Japanese Pearl and have a total of 5 badges now! :3 I still have a ways to go before I’ve caught up to my US Platinum’s position, but I think I’m going to try and beat my JP Pearl first. I’m also looking forward to getting to the Elite Four since I’m thinking of finding out if I can activate the surf glitch and get myself a Shaymin and Darkrai… xD I did do a little work in SoulSilver as well, but it was really just me chasing after Entei and Raikou and failing at capturing them. Both are in the red, but they keep roaring me away. When I next get the chance, I’ll likely teach someone a sleep inducing move or something so that I can try to catch them. After those two I’m thinking I’ll go after Latios, but I’ll just master ball him. :P

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As for Zoroa and Zoroark. Personally I don’t care for Zoroark. I knew from the moment I saw the shadow that I wasn’t going to like whatever it was. Zoroa, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise and is completely adorable. I’ll like want to use it (maybe I can get a girl? xD) and never let it evolve. xDDD Yeah, um, that’s about it on Zoroa/Zoroark. I may talk a bit more when Pokémon Sunday airs next week with more information or something.


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