Pokémon: Gone with the Windworks! [DP144]

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And with today’s episode we finish the first one hour special Japan aired for HGSS. I didn’t wake up too early this time, so I’m not nearly as tired. xD But, anyways, this episode was enjoyable. Personally I would have liked for CartoonNetwork to run the Kotone episodes as the one hour specials like they originally were, but I also realize the time constraints (because all they seem to care about are those stupid live-action shows they’re doing these days. =_=) and the fact the games are still about a month away so one a week brings them out to the Saturday before the US release date. So I guess it’s okay. :P Anyways, beyond the cut we go~!

So this episode Ash & Co. begin in the middle of some field to feed their Pokémon. Hikari (Dawn) is feeding Cyndaquil and Piplup comes over. Cyndaquil doesn’t really like Piplup and turns away. Piplup decides to physically hurt Cyndaquil for this, and Cyndaquil retaliates. Thus begins the near constant fighting between these two… (*sighs*) Hikari wants to find out more about Cyndaquil, so Ash suggests battling. Ash sends out Grotle and the two battle. Brock stops the battle so that Cyndaquil doesn’t over do it. Following that, Hikari gives Cyndaquil praise and Piplup, annoyed, goes over and steals the poffin Hikari was going to give  Cyndaquil… and begins another fight that Pikachu stops. Ugh, Piplup, get over it geez… Anyways, then the gang notices Kotone’s (Lyra) Marill is missing and look around the area for it to find the Valley Windworks. They get shocked by some magnemite on their way in but fall in to a room with the old man “watching” the place (read: sleeping in front of security cameras). He tells the magnemite to stop attacking and allow them to find Marill, who they spot on the cameras down in the basement storage room. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is charging up their new machine, which, due to a mistake by Jessie, causes the power to flicker and a lockdown to go underway, trapping the gang in the storage room. They try various ways to get out, all while showcasing Kazunari’s (Khoury) pessimism, before finally sending Pikachu through a vent to help Piplup and Cyndaquil (who were stuck outside the room) and find the old man. They get chased by Team Rocket, Kotone nets her and Hikari two cookies each, and they finally get out as the power fixes itself. Team Rocket tries to ambush them with their fully charged Magcargo machine and proceed to drain it of energy before Pikachu sends them “Blasting off agaaaaain~!” Aaaand, end episode.

Okay! So, what do I have to say about the dub. Well, my favorite line from this episode (which comes from Kotone, of course) which was “Guess it must be a good kid since it hatched from an egg I gave you, koto ne?” became “Since it came from an egg I gave you, you know it’s a sweetie pie!” xD ♥ Iunno what it is about this line, but I just like it a lot. However, we can’t be without that hair and nails thing apparently, and Jessie hits us with two lines this time… just without the nails part. Ugh. *facepalm* “This is taking longer than it takes to get my hair done!” and “You’ll pay to get my hair done!”, both pretty moan-worthy lines. Kazunari’s pessimism is a tad annoying, but knowing what’s to come, it’s not that bad. His VA did a better this time around though I have to say, though he also got more lines to show a bit of personality though in my opinion.

And I might as well say something on the episode in general. I really just have one thing to say (besides “Kotoneeee~ ♥”), why, Hikari, why did you put Cyndaquil back into its Pokéball?! No, Piplup’s the one who over-reacted and is finding a way to annoy Cyndaquil you put it back into its Pokéball, not Cyndaquil! Aurgh, stupid Hikari.

But that’s about it! Next week is the Gible episode, where Kazunari’s pessimism seems to fade away a bit! Horray for Kazunari! \(^o^)/


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