Pokémon: An Egg Scramble! [DP143]

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*yawns* I woke up a bit too early to watch, but I sure as heck didn’t miss it! The dub airing of the Johto Festival Episode, known as “An Egg Scramble!” in English. Note to Cartoon Network: Seriously, 7am is too early. :| Hopefully I can keep waking up for these episodes though, it’s great to see Kotone (No, I will not call her Lyra)! To be honest, Kotone is the only reason I wanted to get up for this episode and the four more to air. ^^;> She’s just such a great character and I really do love Kotone. Anyways, moving along~

A short summary of the episode, cause you can be sure to find one at Bulbapedia or something. Ash, Hikari (Dawn), and Brock (excuse my mix of US and JP names) are heading to Suiren (Lilypad) town and come across a Marill stuck in between two buildings and help get it out. It’s trainer, Kotone (Lyra), appears and invites them to the Johto Festival. There she meets back up with her friend Kazunari (Corey Kory Khory Khoury), and they have some ice cream made out of MooMoo Milk (And Ash eats everything of it, even the paper around the cone! xD).Then there’s a show to be put on, and Kotone, with her Chikorita, and Hikari, with her Piplup, battle. Hikari wins and Kotone gives her a Pokémon Egg (which, despite its appearance, no one knows what it will hatch into *facepalm*). However, Team Rocket appears and takes the egg, sending the group on a mission to find it. After a while of running through the forest, the group finds James and Meowth who had been separated from Jessie, and send them “Blasting off Agaaaaiiin~!” to be reunited with Jessie. After returning to the Festival area, Kotone and Kazunari ask to travel for a while with Ash & Co. Kazunari’s father allows them. The egg shakes some more and finally hatches into a Cyndaquil (like this was a surprise *rolls eyes*). Then the ever well known “TO BE CONTINUED…” screen.

Okay, so I wanted to watch for Kotone, and so I’ll talk about her and a few things I noticed about the dub. First off, her voice. To be honest, I’m not sure if I like it, however I can say it’s a very nice equivalent to Megumi Nakajima’s voicing of Kotone, so I suppose it fits. I don’t know who the voice actress is, but I think she did a good job with voicing Kotone. While I miss the “こと、ね?” at the end of Kotone’s sentences, I think they did keep some of it, but it had to be translated differently based on the sentence translating it as “, huh?” (I know it looks weird alone like that, but in a line it would be something like “I’m awesome, huh?” (which is, btw, something she practically says at one point ♥ xD)). Now for a bit on the actual dialog. Kotone’s dub name, Lyra I guess kind of works, though I still really think it’s much too serious for her; she’s just too happy when she’s not berating Kazunari for not being as confident as he should be. In Japanese, Kotone calls Hikari “Hikarin”, and in English she calls Dawn “Dane” (I think, I’m not entirely sure on this). I don’t really have much to say on this, except I expected them to use what they had apparently already used as a translation of the nickname “Hikarin”, which was said by Marilyn and they has translated it as “Dawny”. Guess it just sounded too much like a certain cleaning brand? xD

As for a bit more in translation weirdness, Kazunari’s English name. I honestly want to know who decided upon the weird spelling that is “Khoury”. “Cory” or “Kory” would have worked just fine and not looked weird as hell. :/ [edit] And here’s some more! I checked back to the sub episode, and the Team Rocket Motto didn’t change from the base Sinnoh motto, however TPCi took the opportunity to make a HORRIBLE joke. Jessie says “Go ahead and ask me if I’ve got milk!” Ugh. Was that honestly necessary? Jessie gets another bad change, from “The Ursaring went roar, roar, roar and stomp, stomp, stomp, and I was scared and alone!” to a retarded “I haven’t been this scared since I couldn’t get my hair and nails done!” Uh… wtf? Didn’t really bother me a first until I remembered the original line. TPCi is on a rooooll with retarded line changes for Jessie this episode. However, Kotone still wins with the translation of the “That was unnecessary, long, and drawn out.” It became “I thought that slapstick routine would never end!”

As for the episode itself, I really don’t have too much to say, since I had already seen this. Kotone was all I wanted to see. Really.



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  1. Kotone has been proving to be very popular. There’s so much fan art of her on pixiv! XD I like how, in the Japanese version, she always says “koto ne” at the end of her sentences. I’ve long since stopped watching the Pokemon dub but it’s too bad they couldn’t translate that into English.

  2. me and my brothers would always love to play scrabble every weekend, ~

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