Gamer Talk — Fate Seeker [01-31-10]

January 31, 2010 at 8:38 pm | Posted in Console, MMORPGs | 3 Comments
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Alright! I’m going to merge this with the “Game GET!!” thing, because I sort of played my new game a lot. This weekend I had to go out to get a few things, and ended up at GameStop for the Shiny Pichu, and looked around a bit and spotted a really nice find! I was able to get PangYa! PSP for only $10! I jumped at the chance and bought it. It wasn’t something I was looking for specifically, but I had been interested in the game since it’s Korean Released way back. It crossed my mind while I was looking at the PSP games and I happened across it, can’t believe I found it for such a nice price! It’s a great game too, as you’ll see after the cut and a bit of Tartaros talk.

Well, first, Tartaros. I finally got to play it again, and managed to get my Pinko to level 21 and finished the Goddess Adelrin scenarios. I nearly cried, oh my god. ;_; So many close calls for Miru, thank goodness everything turned out alright. I was shouting/saying things to my computer (and in Japanese lol, this is prolly a good thing for me though) all through most of the scenarios if I wasn’t shocked and speechless. It’s amazing how even with me only understanding small portions I can still get what’s going on. On another note, I made it to the shota rape scene, and laughed so hard. xDDD Oh god, that scene. After I finished that I had to head back up here to my dorm, so I haven’t finished anything more.

Now for some PangYa! PSP talk! This is a great game, really. There’s a story that makes some form of sense, and doesn’t feel like a bunch of VS matches strung together like the Wii game, Super Swing Golf: Season 2. The dialog in the storylines are funny and make the game that much more enjoyable. While the graphics suffer a little due to it being on the PSP (oh god, THE HAAANDS, THE HAAAANDS), in general it still looks great (and Arin’s boobs still jiggle and she still flashes her panties. I honestly think she’s trying to make up for Lucia not being in the PSP game, she’s showing her panties THAT much). I’m working mostly on the story, though I also started working on the Tournament Mode (well, getting the licenses to play in the tourneys) since I have Arin unlocked, though I haven’t gotten very far. I’m still in Episode 1 (With Ceci, Kaz, and Kooh remaining), and haven’t gotten a single tourney license. OTL Ah well, more playtime for me then I suppose.

Well, that’s all I’ve been doing. PangYa PSP’s a lot of fun and is taking a lot of my time, so I didn’t go and play more iMAS these few days. xD



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  1. To be honest, I spent more time playing PangYa PSP than in THE iDOLM@STER SP Wandering Star. I finished both the Korean and Japanese game – but I’m way too lazy to get and play the English game… Kooh is so awesome in the game! $10 is really a great value for the best PSP game for me. I got mine for about 4,000 yen plus shipping. x3

    Though I somehow think Swing Golf PangYa! Second Shot (the Japanese version of Super Swing Golf 2 on the Wii) is better. Because of one reason: the voices. I love Kooh’s voices in the Wii game. I pretty much finished everything in the Korean PSP game, though. Except for collecting items. That’ll take some time. I do have the Magical Girl outfit for Kooh so I don’t care about the other items. xP

    Tartaros is the third best online game I’ve ever played – the first one being PangYa and the second one being Dragonica – which have pretty much the same system as Tartaros (missions, difficulty, quests, and so on, but without the scenario quest, great graphics and awesome voices). =D

    But currently I’m in the middle of my Mock Exam preparation period so I won’t be online much… Ugh I wish I can play Tartaros everyday… I’m really falling behind – my Pinko is still on level 20… T_T

  2. I actually have all of the iMAS SP games, and I still haven’t gotten the true ending (what you get after finishing every idol’s story mode). ^^;;> Plus the DLC is always so tempting. xD I only have a few girls left (Makoto’s in Progress, Yayoi and Chihaya are the other two left), so I do kinda want to find the time to finish all of them.

    I wish I could play more too. I barely got time this weekend! @_@ I’ve only gained one level this weekend, and with PangYa PSP to keep my attention now, I may not play even when I DO have time. xD

  3. ohh how did I miss this entry @@
    I’m trying to get my other chars to level 20. My pinko is actually 19 now and Shubalman is 17 so yea I’ll be able to party with you more often with my other characters xD

    oh and since my cromodo is a pansy who cant take a hit lower level areas are better for him anyway

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