Gamer Talk — Brand New Touch, Say Hello!! [01-29-10]

January 29, 2010 at 11:27 pm | Posted in Console | 1 Comment
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Let’s get this segment going! (^o^)/ So, today I played mostly iDOLM@STER. I was going to play Tartaros, but once I got everything else done for today, it’s pretty late and the channels are probably nearing capacity and likely laggy even with my home internet. I also checked, and I do have a final battle save file for Persona 3 (The Journey), and so I think I will challenge myself tomorrow from 11pm-12:01AM to beat the final boss in that time (Okay, maybe it’s not that hard, but I want the 1 hour time limit for the dork-y-ness of it). May record it, may not, I’m not sure yet. Though it’ll just be a camera pointed at a TV cause I don’t have any form of video capture device (maybe some day, but not today).

I finally got to spend some more of my PSN Yen on more iDOLM@STER SP DLC, which I decided to buy Ami/Mami’s and Hibiki’s versions of “Overmaster”, and the Punk Gothic outfit (I think that’s it’s English name…) on top of the freebies (Swimwear, Background). This makes the total DLC I’ve bought for this game 6,700 yen, which is about 70 USD. Kind of a lot, but at least I’m picky on what I buy, I could just buy everything and it would be a lot worse (catalogs range from ~7,000 yen to ~4,000 yen each when you buy everything), so I suppose this is a pretty decent amount. Though right now I’m down to a little over 1,000 yen, so I’ve got to be sparing until I can afford another card for 3 or 5 thousand yen I suppose…

Anyways, what I did. In iM@S SP I mostly played with my new DLC. Ami singing Overmaster in her Punk Gothic outfit is a pantsu-fest (I can provide video if anyone wants it), thanks to the short skirt and vertical viewing option. Though the outfit is cute and I like the way Ami/Mami sings the song. Hibiki’s version is spectacular as well (too bad I can only use it in Office Mode), and her outfit is awesome too (though she wears (short) shorts, so no panties). I also like Yayoi’s version of the Punk Gothic as a note, it’s cute (and also short-skirted).  The outfit might work well for some songs, not sure what besides Overmaster and I want as of right now though.

In iM@S DS I started Eri’s story because I was sick of Ai (she’s just too loud). I got my first Perfect Communication without a guide to help me, and I am understanding little bits here and there (the general lack of voice acting makes this a lot harder… my kanji knowledge sucks). I got her to her first Audition and was having her sing “Hello!!” (where today’s title comes from), and decided to record it. So, here’s the video (Hopefully it doesn’t get deleted or something…) Not the greatest quality, but it’s something.

I really want to get Precog (プリコグ) though, it’s my favorite DS Original song. But I guess that’ll be a while, I think it only unlocks after I finish Eri (Though it’s constantly playing as the BG without Vocals…)

So, that’s it for today.


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