The Life of a College Freshmen…

January 28, 2010 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Anime, Games, Life | 2 Comments

Not actually what I've been doing (Click for Artist's Pixiv Page)

Well, as should be expected, things got pretty crazy. I’ve gotten busy, and to be honest, I haven’t really found any shows I care about watching and remembering to get the episodes for. I have, despite the new shows not really interesting me, been watching some anime, however it’s been things I don’t care to much to talk about, or I forgot about writing on it long enough I didn’t really remember the episode or what I would have wanted to say so I never wrote anything.

To be specific, I have watched the 5 Kotone episodes of Pokémon, which I’m planning to write about as the dub episodes air since they begin airing next weekend and I’m going to watch them anyways, and the entirety of Angelic Layer. Angelic Layer I watched over break, however I was also horrendously sick and barely had the energy at points to keep my head up and watching my laptop screen (I never thought I would say this, but thank goodness for dubs (even the crappy ones), I don’t think my brain could have handled subs at that time). I kind of wanted to write something on it, however, like I said, I was sick (and stayed sick for a few days after finishing the marathon) and wasn’t up to writing a post on the entire series, and left it to a single tweet saying I finished it and that I like it better than the manga because there’s more character depth.

I may get around to collecting the remainder of the Tsubasa Cat arc of Bakemonogatari and finally finish that series at some point, however school work takes precedent over everything else, and it seems like I’m always having something to do that’s school-related. And for the cases I don’t? Well, I have games to play that have been keeping me away from watching more anime.

Which brings me to the other point I wanted to bring up. Since I did try to keep up with this once, but back when I was doing more anime watching than gaming, I’m going to try it again. “It” being writing a post on what I do gaming-wise. It’s mostly because I feel that there’s more I want to say about the games I’m playing rather than the “I Bought it” and later the “This is my opinion on the whole thing”. These’ll prolly have spoilers (read: will have spoilers), and will just be something I put together to say what I’ve been doing in the gaming world. I can’t really set a schedule for it because my gaming has been thrown out of a schedule due to my class set up this semester, however I’ll post when I can and try to make at least one a week.

So yeah, that’s it. I’m still alive, still (sorta) watching anime, and still playing video games. I haven’t really posted anything in nearly a month, so I want to try and post something.



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  1. yea its nice to have a big space to babble about stuff sometimes that twitter just can’t fulfill ^^

  2. The life of an International Baccalaureate High School Senior is WAY worse than the life of a college freshmen. Proof. I don’t even have time to log in to Tartaros or play ANY game (other than Love Plus, since that only takes a few minutes of my life) these days… Ah, I’ve been rewatching the Kotone episodes as well… Has the Pokethlon episode aired yet? I’m still sad that Kotone isn’t in it… T_T

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