Bakemonogatari — Crab, Snail, Monkey, and Snake Arcs

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Tags: , , , , randomly decided to pick this series yesterday and got all of the episodes currently out. I’m merely going to give a brief overview and will only be posting at the end of arcs (Which will probably be 1-2 (this Tsubasa Cat and maybe another) at this point in the show), since I don’t really feel like commenting for every episode.

Hitagi Crab –Super quick arc, merely 2 episodes…wait, most of these arcs are short…). Anyways, Koyomi finds out this girl at his school, Senjouhara, is weightless, er, nearly weightless. He introduces Oshino to her and the audience who has Hitagi perform a ritual and ask for her weight to be returned. Problem solved.

I really felt like this arc was short even though other arcs are just about as short. I really love the theme song though, Staple Stable.

Mayoi Snail — A girl is lost in trying to find her mother’s place. Hitagi and Koyomi try to help her find the place, but are quickly lost themselves. Figuring it an oddity, Hitagi goes to Oshino. it turns out, Mayoi herself is the oddity, the snail keeping them from finding where they want to be, not to mention the fact Hitagi can’t see Mayoi. Koyomi can easily free himself from the snail, however he wants to help her find her mother’s place. They do so, though it turns out to no longer have a house as the area has been remodeled. Mayoi finally is set free, though she returns to talk to Koyomi randomly through the next arc. Also in this arc, Hitagi asks Koyomi out (who accepts). As for my comments, Mayoi is adorable, as is her theme song.

This arc felt a little slow since it’s a lot of sit-and-wait, though it was still good. Also, Hitagi and Koyomi~ but yus, tsundere, tsundere, it’s hard to ignore that about Hitagi.

Suruga Monkey — A younger student and (former) star of the basketball team, Suruga is being controlled by a Rainy Demon, who grants her wishes (three of course). originally believed to be twisting her wishes, it was truely granting both her conscious wish along side the darker unconscious wish. Her wish at this point in the game is to be with her lesbian crush, Hitagi. However, Hitagi is with Koyomi now, which causes Suruga to subconsciously wish him dead. Koyomi goes to battle the demon, though after taking many hits Hitagi bursts in and informs the demon that to kill Koyomi would cause her to kill Suruga, and thus the conscious wish, to be with Hitagi, would not be fufilled. The demon leaves Suruga, who becomes friends again with Hitagi.

As for my opinion, YUS YURI! ♥ That is all.

Nadeko Snake — The last of the arcs out now. Koyomi and Suruga go up to a shrine to do a favor for Oshino. Along the way up they pass a girl who seems familiar to Koyomi. They reach the shine, however find chopped up snake corpses littering the area. Suruga feels sick, so they promptly leave. Koyomi ends up in a bookstore where he spots the girl again, and finally recognizes her as a friend of one of his sisters. leaves the store moments after Koyomi spots her, rushing off towards the shrine. Koyomi calls up Suruga and the two find Nadeko at the shrine and bring her back to Koyomi’s home. Upon getting there, Nadeko undresses to show she has snake-like markings all over her body, which end up being a curse called “Snake Constrictor”. She had been performing the ritual to end the curse incorrectly and thus made the problem worse, though this time they headed up to stop the curse once and for all. However, as one is banished, it turns out there were two curses placed upon her, and the second was quickly attempting to kill her. Koyomi grabs the snake and pulls it off. Suruga helps in chasing the snake off, who returns to the person who placed it, a boy who Nadeko had turned down (The first was from her friend who also liked the boy).

The “battle sequence” was rather BSed and the constant cut-outs to a nearly blank screen constantly annoyed me. However, I liked this arc (and it’s OP) despite the ‘epic conclusion’ merely being little clips between screens of red and gray. ED is kick-ass, I mean, how can it not be? It’s composed by ryo/supercell! As for the show, this series is good, though I’m kinda glad I decided to start it now rather than when it started, since I like marathon-ing the near-entirety of the series rather than having to wait a week for conclusions. I may just wait a couple weeks to watch the Cat arc since I’d like to see the whole thing in one sitting, but I’ll decide that later.


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  1. It’s a really interesting show. The one thing I really like is SHAFT crazy art style.

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