CDs — Crosslight by Yuuki Masami x kz/Livetune

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Tags: , , , , , , , , a little over a week ago, this is a new kz/Livetune CD, this time a joint production with Yuuki Masami. This CD, like other livetune CDs, features the vocal talents of Vocaloids.

This CD tells the story of a robot girl Neon, or KZR-28, who is voiced by Hatsune Miku. She interacts with a boy (His name in the booklet is 少年), and a scientist (whose kanji name I can’t even begin to read, sorry). Neon begins singing in track 2 with “I.C. (I see)”, and continues to sing “initial song”. Then there is a single track break with the instrumental “Panorama Future”, and Neon hears of GUMI’s songs with track 5, COSMiCA. Neon sings again in track 6, sepia, and during the 7th and final track of the CD, Crosslight, Neon and Gumi sing together.

Follow below the cut for brief opinions on each track.

Track 1, Overture. Instrumentals aren’t really my thing, but this track is calming and nice to listen to. It begins the CD calmly before bouncing into the tracks later on.

Track 2, I.C. (I See). I really like the distortion effect Neon’s/Miku’s voice was given at the beginning, as if she was just starting up after a long time. As the track progresses, Neon/Miku’s voice becomes smoother before moving onto initial song.

Track 3, initial song. I really like this track. It’s sort of like a discovery type of song, where Neon would be exploring and wanting to go places and the like. This song picks up the pace from the slower tempoed start songs and brings us up to a faster tempo that will be kept for the rest of the CD.

Track 4, Panorama Future. A pure instrumental again, this time a very ‘imaginative’ sounding track. With lots of sounds and a good beat to go with it all, this is a good instrumental to listen to, though I rarely listen to the full track.

Track 5, COSMiCA. Our first track with kz/s GUMI. The only pure-GUMI track on the CD as well. I have to say kz’s GUMI is very nice and sings well. A very nice and catchy song.

Track 6, sepia. We slow the pace down a bit as Neon/Miku sings again. It’s sort of like bringing anticipation for the final track.

Track 7, Crosslight. GUMI and Neon/Miku together sound wonderful together~ A very very amazing song to end the CD on. My favorite track on the whole CD.

While the story aspect of the CD is lost on me (for now anyways xD), the songs are still very nice to listen to and I enjoy it none the less. A worthy buy if you have the money to spare and love Vocaloid as well as kz/livetune’s other works.



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  1. I’ll give it a listen and see if I like it

  2. The Scientist’s name, comically, is “Hakase” (博士), which literally means… you guessed it, “Scientist” or “Professor”.

    I recently got a copy and Kz’s style is just as evident as ever. Have you noticed the little “Neon and Gumi’s new song” that is sort of teased at the end? The page with sheet music and a title “After Party” sort of hints to some other duet piece, which I have yet to figure any more information about. (聴こえてくる、新しいメロディ。それは、ねおんとGUMIの物語。)

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