Persona 3 FES — The Answer

August 22, 2009 at 1:12 am | Posted in Console | 3 Comments
Tags: , , , , , , this isn’t exactly a review (despite my P3FES Journey post being not so organized), The fact is that this marks my beat of P3FES finally. It’s been almost half a year later (geez, nearly 6 months!) and I finally, FINALLY, got the motivation to finish this darned grindfest. Yeah, that’s pretty much the way to put it, The Answer is a grindfest. I can’t tell you how much the fact I needed to grind had me put off about getting back into this. And while maybe not the best choice for a ‘new’ persona game, I thank Atlus for announcing Persona 3 Portable as it was the kick in the butt I needed to finish this sucker. So, follow me behind the cut for a bit of comments on this portion of FES.

edit: This post was written at 2AM, excuse the slightly spaced out sound to it. xD

Firstly, as I always do, the plot. plot of this portion of FES is that this hole appears under the dorms, called the Abyss of Time. On top of that, this other robot girl who calls herself Metis attempts to kill everyone to protect Aigis. Nice greeting there, amirite? Moving along, they get her to agree not to harm anyone and help them get rid of the Abyss of Time. Of course this isn’t easy (Duh, look how long it took me to beat this!), but the team pushes through and well, that’s for you to find out (though the fact again that anyone who actually would care already knows).

Anyways, so the major suck of this part of FES is the fact it’s in perma-hard mode. And the grinding. Did I mention the grinding? It really is insane., whoa, I’ve had hours I’ve just sat down and killed random crap until I thought I could handle the stupid boss that would keep killing me. Not to mention, as per usual, the cheap shot-ed mudo and hama skills majorly suck, but that’s a standard.

So uhm, my enjoyment and challenge in the Answer? Well, uh… how should I put this? While I was ready to pull my hair out every reset or reload I had to do, the ending was (sort of) satisfying (auto-boot to the main menu made me feel like I was missing something xD) and got me to cry (though that could be influenced by the fact it was 1:20ish AM when I was watching the ending). can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it, because that’s not the case. What I didn’t like was the grinding, not the game. xD Okay wait no, that’s not worded right either. xDD Anyways, back to the point, I did enjoy The Answer, in the very least to have seen the final conclusion to this story and having finally earned it. As for challenge… hoo boy, do I need to remind you of the grinding again? It’s a little more tedious than “challenging”, but there were some battles that, like I said, I was ready to tear my hair out over. I think there’s a little bit of luck in getting some stupider AIs on any particular run, but of course that’s no good without knowing what to do so… uh, I suppose the point I’m going for is YES IT’S CHALLENGING. But if you push through (even if it takes you even longer than me) and keep on trying, the ending is satisfying and it’s also a good thing to finally finish the darned thing, right?



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  1. The great thing about the Answer is that once you finish it, you’ve done everything and never have to look at it again.

  2. So, the grinding sucked, but was worth it?

  3. The Answer is more on finishing the P3 story then addition gameplay. I say it’s ok since it comes with all of P3 on one DVD.

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