The Girl Who Leapt Through Time — Anime Movie

August 17, 2009 at 11:22 am | Posted in Movies | 4 Comments
Tags: , , , , , , of my two anime movie birthday presents (the other is currently still processing my mom said). I got to watch this with my friends yesterday during my birthday party, and it was very good, so after watching it again, subbed this time, Here’s my little talk about it.

warning: there may be spoilers, but then again, this movie and story isn’t exactly new, so I don’t think it should be a big problem.

First off, the story is about a girl, Makoto, who stumbles rather falls onto) the ability to “time leap”. She is able to move across time and alter events. She first saves herself from dying due to her brakes not working properly, and then quickly figures out how to time leap on her own, using it to fix her ‘worst day ever’. Makoto uses her ability at first to just help herself out, doing little things such as picking up something she forgot, or getting her allowance again. But soon, she tried to change the outcome of rather larger events, such as Kaho asking Kosuke out, or when Chiaki asks her out. She also soon finds out she has a limit in her time leaping, but it seems to have been a little too late, as she hits 1 more time leap before truly realizing it. And soon enough, if she doesn’t time leap right, one of her friends will die. won’t spoil too much more, even though this isn’t exactly a new movie of any sort. Anyways, so I have watched the Bandai dub (my friend’s subtitle reading speed is not nearly fast enough to keep up), and I have to say it wasn’t horrible. I actually quite liked this dub, it was very well done. Even though flipping between the two languages makes the voices seem very different, they still had the same sort of feel, and fit each of the characters well. Nice job Bandai. :D

As for my thoughts, I really did enjoy the movie. And I’m quite sure all my friends also enjoyed watching TGWLTT. Though we all weren’t exactly super happy about the avoided kiss at the end. xDDD But despite the ending, it was a really good movie. :3





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  1. I’ve never head the dub version before, but I have to agree on you for it being a nice movie ^^ The ending is sad, but it’s pretty hopeful at the same time!

  2. This was my favorite movie of all time, can’t wait for the director’s new movie this year, Summer Wars.

  3. It’s one of my favorite anime movies, I look forward to Summer wars.

  4. I love this movie. The best. :)

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