Game Review — BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

July 30, 2009 at 12:42 pm | Posted in Console | 2 Comments
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Geez I’ve been ripping through new games real fast lately. Anyways, now that I have completed story mode I will give this amazing game a proper review. So let’s get to it! being a fighting game, BlazBlue carries with it a strong story centered around Ragna the Bloodedge. A wanted criminal, he is on his way through Kagutsuchi to destroy yet another branch of the NOL, otherwise known as the Library or Librarium. Unfortunately for him, things don’t exactly go as originally planned. With details that I cannot explain as it would be spoilers, crazy plot twists happen and leave the game on an almost frustrating cliffhanger that hopefully will be continued in a sequel.

Actually, if they DON’T make a sequel, I’ll be very disappointed. The story was amazingly well thought out, though a little confusing at first. only other fighting game I’ve ever played is Soul Calibur, and while nice, the story is really just a pile of battles put one after another with little connecting the two. Heck, even BB’s ARCADE mode battles have some connections between them (well, at least the ones where they talk beforehand). The story was amazing, really. The ending will leave you in shock and waiting for that sequel.

Graphic-wise, the characters are very smoothly animated. Each character has their own set of animations, and none of them seem really like duplicates. backgrounds/arenas are each connected to the storyline as well as being beautifully designed and rendered. I do complain about the fact it is ONLY in a widescreen format (which as I said before, my eyes + that small a font = hard to read), but after a while it’s not too horrid and I have gotten used to reading the small text. The story portion contains your usual VN setup between battles, and each character portrait is well drawn and has many poses as well as facial expressions. And let’s not forget the amazing animoo arts and cutscenes! Also, each character’s mouth moves with their words unless they are thinking or there is no mouth to move anyways (ex: Arakune and Hakumen).

The music. Let’s just explain it this way: I’ve have the OP song on for the past week or so on repeat almost all the time. music is amazing. Of course the OP is amazing, it being by KOTOKO after all, but each piece that plays in battles is well composed and matches each character or arena very well. I should get around to ripping the CDs off onto my iPod soon actually…

Gameplay-wise, it’s pretty standard for a fighting game. Press buttons and the character attacks. And then the crazy combos (which I still have problems with sometimes >_<) which allow you to do some amazing things. I’d like to point out the fact the combos aren’t massively long nor are there crazy insane-o amounts of combos per character in BlazBlue. It’s nice to not have so many combos that it’s so overwhelming that I just don’t even want to THINK about learning any of them. Also, each character has their own playstyle, which makes it much more of an interesting cast. While a small cast, each character is very different and well developed.

And lastly, challenge and my enjoyment. Some of the characters are easy to get into and learn, have very steep learning curves (damn you Carl *shakes fist*). It makes for a decent challenge to learn everyone as well as learn to use them well. As far as my enjoyment goes, I really did enjoy the game. The story was great, the arcade mode is good, and I actually enjoy playing online. For whatever reason, I never really enjoyed playing online in SC4, but with BB, I really do enjoy playing online. It was also very nice to actually touch the PS3 a lot recently, because I have to say, I don’t have a lot of games to play on there that I really enjoy. I don’t regret a single bit about buying this before getting the paycheck to cover for it, and I can’t wait to see more out of this series.



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  1. Nice review,
    Hoping to play you sometime,
    I’m just really busy with other games lately (DQ marathon) ;^^

  2. I need to play through Story Mode. I’ve only gone through Arcade Mode with a handful of characters and most of my time with this game has been spent on online matches.

    Nice review.

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