Game GET!! — BlazeBlue: Calamity Trigger

July 19, 2009 at 10:52 pm | Posted in Console | 4 Comments
Tags: , , , , , ,, ah, lesse. This is the second game The Backloggery has convinced me to get. xD; Once again, saw it floating around, looked it up. I was a little more skeptic on this one, but after a little bit more of looking around and stuff, I convinced myself I should get it, and it was so worth that 60$. :3 Granted I would have thought it over more if I wasn’t able to get the LE, but that’s besides the point.

So far the only characters I’ve played around with enough to know are Noel and Taokaka. Just a couple minutes ago I managed to finish Taokaka’s arcade mode! =D While I don’t like the fact there is no SD mode, HD screens + my SD TV + My bad eyesight (let’s not talk about HOW bad, just that they are HORRID) = hard to read the text), and I STILL fail at executing rushes well, it’s a very enjoyable game. Very well worth the 60$ if you can find a LE, and worth it for the 60$ for just the disc if it interests you. I really dislike how high the new gen console games are, but eh, what can I do. I just would suggest thinking it over if you’re unable to get the LE unless you’re some rich person who has nothing better than to play games online. xD;

Also, KOTOKO~! ♥ Ah the OP is so nice~



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  1. Everyone’s talking about BlazBlue these days…gotta play it somehow Dx

  2. I like this game for it’s unique fight controls for each characters. Good luck with the other characters NyaChan.

  3. the bonus small book in the game was awesome >.>

    yes, the last picture is xD

    and yea, i choose noel from the start xD

    X spammer!!!

  4. awww you have it i need a ps3 or xbox360 you have to let me play it sometime

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