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July 12, 2009 at 10:37 am | Posted in Console, Vocaloid | 2 Comments
Tags: , , , , , , , ,’ve had the game for a couple of days, but in this case, I’ve just been playing it non-stop and there really was no point into giving it a quick overview since it really only takes a couple hours before you hit the credits (unless you’re REALLY REALLY bad at rhythm games). But that’s not to say it’s bad because there’s lots to do with this game, even if you’ve Hard/Perfect-ed all the songs. Okay, well maybe not LOTS, but there’s still stuff to do.

Anyways, let’s move beyond the cut, and for once I don’t have to warn of spoilers since there is no real plot. xD; off, this is a rhythm game. Which means press the little buttons in-time with the music. Secondly, this is a Vocaloid game. Which means 100% of the stock music are Vocaloid songs. If you don’t like either one of those, this isn’t a game for you. If you like one or the other, give it a shot.

Now, since I have no plot to talk about, I’ll start with the game-play.’s not exactly you’re typical press-buttons-to-the-beat game. In Project Diva (PJD) there’s a rather distracting PV/Video (Let’s not talk about the ass shots) with the PSP button symbols appearing ontop. A colored version of the symbol flies in from somewhere, and you have to hit the button when either the notes cross or the timer arrow on the black note goes straight up. At most the game uses 4 buttons (It does not use the D-pad besides menus). Seems pretty simple, and it really is. you’ve played harder rhythm games, such as DJMAX or Beatmania, it’s not too hard. Well, until you hit the screwy scoring part known as “Chance Time”.

“Chance Time” is this part at the very end or near-end of the song where everytime you combo you get extra points. You have a 5 combo you get +100 (1st note), +200 (2nd Note), +300 (3rd Note), +400 (4th note), and +500 (5th Note). This continues all the way up to +5000 (50th Note), and every combo note after that just adds another 5,000 points. The problem is that to get a Great ranking on most of the songs almost requires a full combo on Chance Time, which can be rather annoying at times. It’s a nice concept on paper, but it turns out frustrating in use.

Rin tries to balance a book on her head!

Anyways, another feature of PJD is Miku’s Room. much it sucks battery life away as you stare at Miku/Other Vocaloids sit around and do nothing in a little room. There’s a clock, but I can never seem to get it to open when I want it to. :P

Then there’s the costumes and unlockables. Playing songs unlocks room items and costumes. Each costume has set requirement to unlock them, which can be found translated online. Costumes range from Piapro designed outfits to other Vocaloids. Oh and of course the time-consuming-to-unlock Swimsuits for the main Vocaloids. :P unlockable room items allow you to decorate Miku’s room how you please.

Another nice feature is the ability to take screenshots using the R button. While it’s limited to PV mode and Room Mode (Unless you have CFW, which I don’t), it’s a nice thing to have added and will provide my PSP with new wallpapers every so often. xD; Also, all screenshots in this post are actually taken by me. :D now the feature that will add infinite amounts of replayability, the Edit Mode. In this, you can import MP3s (Or use the stock songs) to create playable levels. I’ve been working on my first Edit Mode song, Just Be Friends by Megurine Luka, for a couple days and let me tell you, Edit mode is a real nice thing to have. If you have the time to learn to use it, you can create some really great levels. do have ONE pointer though: Cut any song down to 3 minutes or less, otherwise you either choose to create a nice PV and little notes or lame PV with decent amounts of notes. Under 3 minutes will get you enough space to get a good PV and a decent count of notes going on.

So I say thank you SEGA for creating a great game out of the Vocaloids! ♥



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  1. Really cute graphic. 3D anime style game. I want to play it.

  2. where do you buy this game? gamestop? and is the whole game in japenese or can you chage it to english or english subs??

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