Game GET! — Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

June 27, 2009 at 8:02 pm | Posted in Console, Games | 8 Comments
Tags: , , , , , , , , had actually picked this game up yesterday (last copy they had too!), but I hadn’t really gotten far enough to have anything to say about it. This post is just to say some quick things about it.

I’ve only made it to 18:00 on Day 2 (I’ll just say I’m working on it slowly. xD), but so far it’s hard to pull myself away (well, until I die, then I step away to figure out what I did wrong). The characters are interesting, the plot is well done too. For something that will only take place in 7 days time (Will it actually be 7 days this time? Atlus, you didn’t pull what TWEWY did, did you?), it’s well planned. The story moves along at a nice pace, and most of the major events you need to deal with aren’t until later in the day (Well, so far anyways) which gives you time for other things. Though I will agree with the character Mari, everything’s going to hit the fan soon, and things will get crazy.

Atlus has floored me with their skill with this stuff again, and I’m glad I bought this game. Cannot wait to see how everything plays out.

And one last thing, “Let’s survive.”



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  1. Wow,looks like a fun game.How about posting some screenshots?Hope you’ll post mire about this game

  2. Just got it,
    But sadly I haven’t started it out yet.

    I’ve heard some things about the music…
    How its always the same 3 tracks repeating throughout the entire game
    Is this true?

  3. @c160: I’m not playing on an emulator and whatever, and taking pictures of my DS screen isn’t exactly easy (DS screens are pretty much the WORST to try and take a picture of, they reflect everything)

    @Tijuana: I don’t pay TOO much attention to the music (it’s really just background noise for me), but uhm, I don’t think it’s ONLY 3 tracks, but whatever amount it is, yeah it’s a lot of repeating. But while it’s mostly the same tracks over and over, they DO fit the feel of the game, so I suppose it’s alright. (Plus, if it bothers you, turn the volume down and put something else on, there’s no voice overs)

  4. Haha, thanks
    I’d play it regardless anyway.

  5. I’m loving it so far, can stop fusing demons XD

  6. Loving it so far, can’t stop fusing demons XD

  7. Got it!
    I love everything about it :D
    Grinding in Shibuya via free battles is really helpful

    Also, Demon Auction and Fusion is fun to use

  8. I care more people would write sites like this that are in truth constructive to read. With all the fuzz ball poppet floating roughly on the web, it is rare to pore over a position like yours instead.

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