AnimeNext 2009 — A Crazy Weekend

June 15, 2009 at 6:35 pm | Posted in Conventions | 1 Comment
Tags: , , , , , , , , now that’s is over, time for me to talk about it. This year AnimeNext moved to a bigger location so no more Parking Garage Artist’s Alley! Though things might have been spread out a little TOO much, I never stepped into the Video building due to the fact it was a ways from either the Double Tree or GSEC. But anyways, I enjoyed myself, and so did my friends who went along with me. :3 So let’s move beyond a cut and talk about specifics.

Skipping over the cosplay, dealer’s room, and artist’s alley for now, I’ll start up with the panels. Princesses Rule — This panel was extremely amusing. While I had watched none of the shows/movies they used as examples, it was very amusing. The characters they showed as being strong Princesses were very interesting, plus some of their dialogue was amusing (“Now go, unleash hell” xD). One of my friends felt iffy about going into the panel (For my three friends with me, this was their first con), but afterwards she said she really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, Karaoke got moved up an hour and I was not able to attend CRAZYOTAKU. However, the Karaoke was fun for me, and I hope to be able to do Anime Con Karaoke Contests again. — Most of the skits were very boring or ruined by a crappy recording of their dialogue. There were some brilliant and amazing skits that I hope to find on YouTube in a few days, for example the Revolutionary Girl Utena skit. Also, Note to AnimeNext Staff: “Kiko”‘s jokes were really bad save for a few, don’t do that engrish thing again.

Otaku Perceptions & Misconceptions — A very open discussion panel, but very interesting none the less. The panelists and other attendees in the room had very interesting points and it lead to a good discussion. & Genshiken — This panel was hilarious. Really, that’s all I need to say. After the questions started rolling faster the whole panel (Which was, like, half the guests xD) started really having fun answering the questions.

Now, as for the new location, it needs some work. I think less people came than they expected, thus making the con feel smaller due to the smaller amount of people walking around. But I hope next year they can get the Video Rooms a bit closer to the other two buildings.

Can you find me? xD;

Moving onto the Artist’s Alley and Dealer’s Room. The Artist’s Alley had little to no variety in the fanart being sold, and it really dissapointed me. I have no interest in Naruto, Bleach, and a most of the other series that I saw. I did spot a few Vocaloid things, which made my day (And I bought most of them. ;3). But the fact still stands variety was small and it bothered me. I agree with other people from the forums it felt a little too small of an area. As for the Dealer’s Room, It had slightly more variety, but still not too much.

Stuff I bought Time~! I spotted so many cosplays that I liked~! There was a decent amount of Persona and Vocaloid, which made my weekend. (I found every major Vocaloid but Meiko, and every Party member except Yukiko from Persona 4!). There was an amusing group of Team Rocket cosplayers who failed many times at trying to catch Pokémon on Sunday, a group who really needs better henchmen. xD;

As a final note, I enjoyed this weekend, and hope they work out the kinks of the new location for next year.


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  1. You have a better weekend than mine. What I did this weekend was just nothing but trolling at the internet.

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