Sims 3 GET!

June 3, 2009 at 8:42 pm | Posted in PC Games | 3 Comments
Tags: , , , , , ,, my sister is actually doing an article on Sims 3 for the school newspaper, so we got to pick it up yesterday. Sister was a bit of a pain and wanted to play, so I didn’t get to finish making my family, but whatever. I got her to let me play today (The thing’s installed on her PC because mine can’t run it), and got a chance to play around.

Firstly, character creation. This is always my favorite thing to do in Sims. They brought a lot of stuff to the table with the new character creation stuff, so I’m going to start from the head down.

Hair/Hats. Firstly, you choose a hair STYLE, not style and color. After you choose your style, you can then use their preset hair colors in the bottom, or press the little paintbrush button and change every shade of the hair color (Base color, Roots, Highlights, and Tips) to get a completely different color. No more having to change the image that goes onto the mesh! Just pick your colors and go! I’ve been able to give a Sims Me pink tips and make a Little Miku with her blue hair.

Clothing. Everything is organized nicely. Each row is a different type of shirt/pants/outfit/SHOES/acessory. In each row is the different color sets (custom and defualts). After you pick your style, press that handy-dandy paintbrush button to change the color of every component!

Personality. The traits have a nice range of options. You pick 5 (the max) for Teen+ (Or Young Adult+, 3 for Child and I hadn’t looked into Toddler and Baby. The traits chosen then generate 5 options for the person’s life goal, and you pick which one it is (Only for Teen or Young Adult+). You also get to pick their favorite food, genre of music, and color. Voices aren’t super wide ranged, but they are a nice touch.

The character creation is much better than it used to be and it’s got real nice features now.

As for Life Mode, it’s pretty much your typical Sims game with a little more thrown in. I’m not going to explain everything, but it’s very different having the whole TOWN going on at once. I definatly suggest easing yourself into it because it’ll be worth it.

Graphic-wise it’s really nice (Which also means pretty high specs are required for this game to run) and look better than Sims 2. On the note of specs, do check them before buying the game (or removing the packaging, most stores will take it back if it’s not out of the packaging), they aren’t super insane but they are pretty high. You can be slightly under the specs on the back of the case (My sister’s computer has slightly lower stats), but you can’t be real far off.

In the end, this game’s gonna keep me interested at least until I get the whole town thing rolling and am used to it… and THEN it’ll be boring again. xD;



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  1. I miss the Sims, I was a evil person killing my Sims in evil ways.

  2. Haha, I got Sims 2 right when Sims 3 came out.
    Now I’m wishing I got Sims 3. XD

  3. botoks białystok

    Sims 3 GET! | ちっぽけな世界なのに。。。

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