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Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , waaaay to long, I finally got around to finishing The Journey. After finishing this post, I’ll be off to work on The Answer, which should (Hopefully) take up a bit less time. There’s most likely going to be spoilers no matter how hard I try not to, so please read at your own discretion. I’m going to try not to say huge spoilers, but somethings may be necessary to explain a couple of my points.

(this is a space filler xD), the Journey begins with yet another Silent Protagonist who arrives in Tatsumi Port Island for a year of class at Gekkoukan High. He’s entering in as a 2nd year along with a few other students. Arriving at the dorm, he is greeted by a rather odd sight. Two girls walk up to him, the brunette about to pull out a gun-shaped object from a holster tied to her leg. The lights suddenly turn back on (along with the protagonist’s MP3 player), and the two girls breath a sigh of releif. The introduce themselves and the days roll on. School begins the next day and you properly meet Yukari Takeba, the brunette from the night before, as well as meeting a new face, Jupei Iori. A few days pass and one night you are awoken during an odd time, midnight and yet not. Yukari rushes you upstairs to the roof. As she is about to shoot herself with the gun-shaped object, she get hits (I think? I don’t remember the event exactly), falling down and dropping the object by your feet.

You pick the object and bring it to your head. Three sylables come from your lips.

Per… So… Na. defeating the shadows, everything is completely explained. You meet many friends along your Journey. Mitsuru Kirijo, who fights for her father’s wishes, Akihiko Sanada, the captain of the boxing club, Koromaru, a dog who fights to protect the place his master loved, Ken Amada, a elementary school student who holds an extraordinary power, Aigis, a robot made to destroy shadows, and Shijiro Aragaki, a previous member of SEES. You forge friendships with people at school as well with the mysterious character known as Pharos who visits you to warn you of the next Full Moon. During Full Moons large shadows come. You and the members of SEES believe it is the way to destroy the Dark Hour… And yet…

Well, I won’t spoil that., let’s talk good and bad here. Since I first played Persona 4, I took a bit getting used to for this game since a couple of the conveniences were not yet implemented. Also, I played this in Easy mode due to the fact I knew that you don’t get direct control of your party. Honestly, the AIs are one of the best parts of this game. But first, I’m going to explain a couple of the things Atlus could have done better.

Social Links. This isn’t to say they sucked in development, it’s mostly about the Girlfriend-able S.Links. My main gripe is that you have no choice but to have them as a girlfriend when they hit a specific rank. I’m sorry, but not every girl you meet is going to want to have sex with you on the roof (lol, was it just me, or did they all love going to the roof? xD). The fact that when you hit a specific rank they automatically turned Girlfriend is an annoyance. It is still possible to have multiple girlfriends (Hey, I did it on my first play through!), but it is deffinately a bit more of a pain. Split. SPOILER WARNING. THERE WILL BE IMPLIED SPOILERS. I didn’t like the long length of time they gave me until I acutally made the decision to kill [spoiler character]. It was just too much. In P4 it was like a split second decision. Yeah, so in P4 it wasn’t a matter of your life or death, but still. I was in the moment and I was into the game then. It skewed my thoughts and I ended up picking the wrong choices. In this one, not only do they give you too much time to think on the matter, but there are a couple of cut scenes in which it’s basically telling you “PICK THIS OPTION DAMNIT.” Seriously, I’d like to think for myself. I like the fact my choice does make a difference in the way the story plays out, and yet the cutscenes involving the SEES member’s telling their decision make it no longer my decision. While it is the group’s decicion, I should be the one really making it. I merely only picked the wrong choice in order to see the “Bad” Ending.

SPOILERS END HERE. Square Button. There’s a lot more maps than in P4, and the school confused me. I would have really loved to have had the square button in P3. For those who don’t know, the square button in P4 enabled you to teleport to an area of the part of the town you were in as well as teleport back to the town map with a couple of clicks.

Pharos. What? He creeped the hell out of me. “Remember, I’m always watching you”?! WHAT? (Okay, so this one’s a joke, I just didn’t like Pharos cause he was a creepy stalker kid who woke the Protag up in his sleep. lol)

The Reasoning. I know the fact that these Teens part of SEES are the only ones who can fight the [spoiler event], but would teens really work for something they will never be acknowledged for? I know some might, but not too many would. Maybe it’s just me over thinking the matter, and I know the idea that they will works for the story, but I’m just tossing the idea around.

Voice Acting. I’m sorry but some of it just sucked. P4’s was much better.

But hey, there’s a lot of things I can praise too! AIs. These I loved. In many-a-game the AIs were the worst part to deal with. You could be doing incredibly well for a boss battle and while in the midst of everything you forget to heal… but your healer doesn’t heal you despite the fact your HP bar is flashing. Yeah, thank you AI, love you too. In P3, the AIs are extraordinary. Due to the Tactics system, it’s just as good as controling them first-hand (Save for a few parts) like they put into P4. There weren’t too many occasions in which I shouted at my party members about “WHY DIDN’T YOU DO ____?! D<”

The Story. While I still prefer P4 for a  couple of reasons, the story in P3 has its own charms. It follows the same formula, execpt it was applied to a completely different situation. Nice job Atlus! Bad Ending. I actually liked this one. Persona 4’s bad ending felt more like it was just a cut off date. Even if you didn’t shove [spoiler character] into the TV, you still ended up getting the bad ending if you picked even one wrong choice from the set of five or so questions. In this one you get one question (Well, two if you pick the Good ending option for the first time) which determines you ending. While still sort of sad to realize what’s truly going on, it felt a bit more complete of an ending, were I not to know better. But then again, going back to a gripe of mine, it’s kinda hard to not know better. But still, the bad ending isn’t so bad.

Voice Actors. They had some pretty good picks. Some weren’t so good, but there’s one I really want to comment on. The Protagonist, Pharos and Ryoji. The fact they are all voiced by the same Actor is a brilliant move. I won’t say why since it’s a spoiler, but nice choice Atlus. Atlus has a way with music. Whether it be with or without vocals, the music is extremely well composed. I liked to sing along with P4’s music, but it’s alright to hum along (Or attempt to sing words to the music xD).

The Characters. While it wasn’t always instantly (EX: Junpei), I did connect with just about every character. I even gave some of them nicknames! Ken = Shota-kun and Shinjiro = Hobo-san. xD Also, アイギスはアイしてる~ (Ha ha, bad pun, excuse for that).

While that’s all I can think of now, I won’t be suprised if I remember more later.

Verdict: While I have yet to start The Answer, P3 FES is deffinatly a must get for anyone with a PS2 (Or a backwards-compadable PS3).

I will leave you with one note:

Bread Burnan Gaems are fun!



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  1. This isn’t a very good review for one of the best RPGs for the PS2. For one, you keep comparing it to Persona 4, which came out a year after Persona 3. It’s obvious that Persona 4 will have better features then 3 simply because it fixed all the problems 3 had. You can’t just review a sequel then say the prequel was bad.

  2. This is a very good review,
    Keep up the good work fellow Persona fan!

  3. i leik this game XDDDD

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