February 27, 2009 at 11:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments, now that I have a copy of this game, I’ve been obsessing over it even more so that I had been. Somehow I ended up ordering Wandering Star instead of Missing Moon, but it’s alright, because WS was my next choice, and I had enough money to order MM so now that’s on the way. I suppose it’s a sort of good thing too, because I would have hated to screw up on producing my dear Ricchan., the point of the game. You pick an idol of three (Or four technically on Wandering Star) and you have to produce them. Your job? To make them TOPPU AIDORU, (Top Idol. Yeah, I felt the need for romaji) o’ course! But what’s this? You’ve got a Rival? 961 Productions is out to take down 765 Productions! Oh geez. In Star your rival is Takane, Sun has Hibiki, and Moon has the no-longer-765Pro Miki.

So, I get my game rolling and ready to go. I’m going by my now game usual, 夏子, making my name 夏子P. I have to pick between Ami/Mami, Yukiho, and Iori so I say “what the heck” and pick Ami/Mami. The adorable twins going under one name are just too cute to pass up. While my understanding of Japanese isn’t too great, I’m able to squeek by and get some decent communications and understand what I’m to do.

Currently I’ve hit Rank C. Takane’s found out Ami and Mami are twins going as one idol. Also, Takane = Ohimechin. Ami and Mami’s nicknames for the idols are so cute~! So, anyways, I’m gonna leave some tips and whatnot I’ve gathered from playing it.


  • Voice Lesson: Just press the buttons in time when the scroll by.
  • Lesson: Memorize the button for the camera tab and press it when that tab pops out.
  • Lyrics Lesson: Pause trip apparently works, but really, just get good at recognizing kana/kanji even when turned.
  • Performance Lesson: You swing the “bat” thing at the white “ball” thing that fall down. Light up every block of lyrics by hitting them. Don’t hit the red ones.
  • Dance Lesson: Line up the feet to the blue area. Press the button corresponding to the direction and side of the screen on time. Screw up and they all reset.
  • Emotion Lesson: The color of the line of text is what blocks you need to find and click within the mess.

  • “Rythmix” is good for Rank D, under Image Level 7.
  • Otherwise, “LOVE LOVE LIVE!” is good, as well as the Audition with “アイドル” in the center of it’s icon in bigger text.


  • Anything with “スタイリスト” is an appointment for the Stylist, which can give 2 accessories and (sometimes) 1 outfit color set. Remember what is written between 「」, as they are either 1: Your Idol’s Name, 2: The Stylist’s Name, 3: The Stylist’s “treatment”, 4: Date, 5: of day. 2 and 3 need to be remembered to know how to answer the question they ask when you arrive (Answer wrong and you receive nothing), and 4 and 5 determine when you can do this option. It’s under the “デスク” (Desk) section of the daily activities.
  • There’s also a set of kanji mail that is for another appointment. I think it’s some sort of tutor. Going to this raises your Image Level.
  • “961Pro” mail are audition challenges.
  • “ファン” is fan mail. Most of them raise tension.
  • To reply to a letter (All but Fan Mail can be replied to) Press the O button. Replying to the Stylist or the “Tutor” will say that you want the appointment. Replying to 961Pro will accept the challenge. yeah. There you have it, my knowledge on THE iDOLM@STER SP so far. I don’t really understand all that is going on, but I really enjoy the game. :3

Also, for kicks, here’s my Idol Name list (What my girls will go by), as well as if I get to pick names for the 961pro girls, what I will name them.

  • Ami/Mami: エイミー (Amy)
  • Yukiho: マリア (Maria)
  • Iori: エミリー (Emily)
  • Azusa: リンシー (Lindsey)
  • Ritsiko: ケイト (Kate)
  • Chihaya: レベッカ (Rebecca)
  • Takane: エリザベス (Elizabeth)
  • Miki: スザン (Suzzane)


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  1. > There’s also a set of kanji mail that is for another appointment. I think it’s some sort of tutor. Going to this raises your Image Level.

    取材 – interview. Basically a journalist wants to do a piece on your idol. Same as the stylist mails you have to remember the name of the journalist and the magazine to get a successful interview. You get a temporary boost in your image level when the journalist is with you (your image level gauage flashes). He leaves after a while (about 2 or 3 “turns” if you don’t do any auditions, if you do auditions he stays longer) and your image level returns to what it was.

  2. @Houkoholic: Oh! That makes more sense. xD Thanks for clearing that up. ^w^

  3. I bought all three when it was released. I got a wallscroll, tea cup and coin bank as well since I reserved it. The PSP ports are fine but I was foolish to expect the XBOX360 version on a PSP. Lol… I haven’t played them since I got them mostly because of school and playing Dragon Quest 4.

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