Maria†Holic — Ep 1-3

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Tags: , , , , ,, yes, I’m still ridiculously behind on both CLANNAD and Tales of the Abyss, I wanted to start Maia†Holic because it’s practically Yuri! And of course I love myself some yuri~. ♥ … even if it’s not-really Yuri (shhh).

So let’s get this thing started with, shall we? the first episode takes off running. The main character, Kanako, meets them lovely maid of the series, Matsurika. Soon enough, out pops the ever believable trap, Mariya. Of course Kanako doesn’t know that it’s a trap and falls for it hook, line and sinker. Even her hives, which only happen when a boy touches her, do not set off any trap radars. Poor girl~. than 20 minutes in… oh dear what’s this? Oh yes, the trap reavels himself. Kanako is shocked and sure as hell does not want to truly admit she was turned on by a boy. Worst part of this matter? Now that she knows Mariya’s secret, she’s stuck with him. Which also boots out her previous room mate, Ryuuken. Poor girl~. (x2) next episode brings along with it the first day of school. Kanako ends up meeting three extremely cute (And I second her opinion) girls. Kiri, who supplys the series’ dose of megane, Yuzuru, the ponytailed archer, and Momoi, the curly twintail-of-sorts girl. Oh yeah, and the home room teacher, Fumi. Dear Kanako, do yourself a favor and stay away from the teacher. xD;

Ryuuken wants to find out why she was booted from the room, and asks Kanako. Mariya appears right on cue and gives a reasoning of fangirls wanting to attack Kanako. Not totally a lie at least. rolls the next episode, where Mariya sticks something in Kanako’s bag. It doesn’t seem all that important at first, but it ends up allowing Kanako to catch the fangirls in the act. The toss the Rosary out the window (Not really) that had borrowed from Mariya. Kanako goes into panic mode and goes to find it. It starts raining, they feel bad, blah blah blah, and Kiri goes to save Kanako’s butt and gives her the Rosary back that the fantards left behind.

Kiri then double saves’s butt and says in retort to “I don’t want Ryuuken going out with you” (from the fantards) that she’s going out with Kanako. lol wait what? Oh~ I like this turn of events. ♥ So then Kanako goes to leave and what’s this? Ryuuken promises to protect Kanako! Oh geez. Then this monster thing pops up out of nowhere aaand…

tsubuku. D: Darn. far I’m really liking this series. Mariya ticks me off to no end (Please, Kanako, kick him out a window. Please.) but oh man, Kanako I second you on all accounts of the girls being cute. Even Mariya. Because so long as Mariya’s not being an ass, he is cute. In a trappy sort of way. Though personally Kiri x Kanako > Ryuuken x Kanako. *nods* Megane for the win!

The OP and ED are win too.


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