Game GET! — Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

December 28, 2008 at 11:24 am | Posted in Console | 3 Comments
Tags: , , , , got this (along with a pile of other games) for Christmas, but now that I finished the First Play through of Persona 4, I finally got the time to play this game. I’ve been into the Kingdom Hearts series since around when it came out. I’ve played just about every game that has made it to US shores (Since I can’t mod my PS2), and enjoyed them all. But coming back to Re:CoM felt… odd. Not to say it’s a bad game from what I’ve done, but at the same time it doesn’t feel as enjoyable as it used to be. I’ve finished this segment of the story, and while I do want to hear all the Organization XIII members voices, it’s not like I have to beat this game to get what’s going to/has happened. This portion of the story is not only long over, but long forgotten within the canon story. These next 60 or so hours are purely wiped from Sora’s memory at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II… so why even really bother?

So far my only annoyance is the camera angle during battles. It’s just too much to concentrate on. The cards were a challenge, a good one though, in the original game. Why did they make it worse with a camera angle?

Either way, I will still try to finish this game, even if it’s only to hear Larxene’s voice (My personal fave Org.13 member). Hopefully with the release of the DS and PSP titles the game will become much more enjoyable again.



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  1. Hmm, it’s interesting to read your comments regarding this game. I consider myself a pretty big KH fan also, but am still kind of pissed at them for not having released the full KH2FM+ overseas and thus haven’t gotten this yet (being pretty broke helps too).

    I really love CoM though and am kind of sad that so many people forgot about it/never played it just because it was for the GBA. I suppose it would be weird playing it again so many years after the fact though, even if I do consider it an important part of the overarching story.

    Pity about the camera angles too. Seems to be the bane of almost every 3D RPG ever. :\

  2. Here’s hoping that the time in CoH actually isn’t wasted. The whole “sorry, ignore that part because our characters forgot it” in any narrative is pretty annoying. If they can turn it around and make it important to KH3 somehow, though, that’s interesting storytelling.

  3. “Pity about the camera angles too. Seems to be the bane of almost every 3D RPG ever. :\”

    Camera Angles work when it’s mostly button-mashing. When you have to think more on strategy and pay attention to other parts of the screen (Besides your health, which by the way, is horridly placed in Re:CoM in the top left hand corner which is far away from where your eyes should be), then it’ll just screw you over and end up being the death of you and your party. Dx;

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