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Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , nearly two weeks of almost constant play, I have finished this amazing game. (And no, I’m not kidding on the almost constant play, my parents actually today told me to lay off it a little because I was getting bug eyed over it) I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but I think some points will have to be included, so please don’t read it all if you don’t want to be spoiled.

As a begining note, this game had better win some awards. Not only does it have you pushing yourself for the end, but after it’s all done it makes you think about yourself as well. I begin, while it is called “Persona 4”, it is not necessary to play previous installments to get what it going on. I actually have not played any of the previous games, not even other Shin Megami Tensei games. The game can stand well on its own, and I suppose it can stand up pretty well as a “continuation” of the Persona series.

You begin your journey greeted by a creepy-looking man, Igor, and a blonde-haired woman, Margaret. Igor greets you into this room called the “Velvet Room” and explains you will soon find yourself within a mystery and locked in a contract. For those who read the back of the box, it’s a series of murders that stike the town of Inaba. You, the ever silent protagonist, have to solve this mystery alongside the friends you will make within Inaba. the story begins, it is April, 2011. You go to your first day to school and meet a trio of interesting classmates. Chie Satonaka, a rather tomboy of a girl, Yukiko Amagi, heir of the well-known Amagi Inn, and Yosuke Hanamura, a very pained student. Chie gets you and Yosuke to try out this “Midnight Channel” after the death of Mayumi Yamano. The night before Saki Konishi (A girl whom Yosuke likes), they watch and see Saki in pain on the TV. The next morning, she is found dead.

Along with that, the Protagonist finds out that he can enter into the TV ( he gets his head stuck the night of finding out). The next day him, Chie, and Yosuke go to the popular department store Junes in search of a TV for Chie’s family and land themselves in the backside of the TV (Which Yosuke lands on his wallet after falling). They meet this strange bear creature who pushes them back out. They return the next day and you summon your Persona, Izanagi. Using this persona, you fight Yosuke’s “Other”, or Shadow, and Yosuke accepts the fact that part of him really just wanted to find something to do in Inaba. In doing such, he also gains the ability to use a Persona.

The goes on similarly with Chie, who heads in to save Yukiko, where she accepts that she is jealous o Yukiko to an extent. The group grows as people are saved from being killed by shadows as the fog lifts in the TV world and heads into the real world. By the end, the group has a total of eight members, Kanji Tatsumi, assumed biker-gang member, Rise Kujikawa, an ex-idol, Naoto Shirogane, the reverse trap detective, and Teddie, the bear who they met all the way at the beginning. Through many dungeons and level ups, they find a culprit and realize they’re wrong. The group goes through two or three (depending on how you look at it/which ending you choose) false culprits before reaching the true mastermind.

As a note, there are a few endings, the Bad End (Which has a few times where you can get it), The Good End, and the True End. Note: The True End is a pain, but it explains a lot. won’t spoil who they think is the killer each time, but let me tell you, the credits don’t roll, you ain’t got the right one. Plus, the opening videos do sort of give away when you’ve got it wrong at least once.

As for other qualities of this game, I love the Ren’Ai aspect. You can get a girlfriend, actually you can have more then one and not get Nice Boat’d. Personally I stuck with Chie, though on my New Game+ I may go for every girl. Also note, Nanako, the 6-year-old loli, is not available as a girlfriend. xD

The Graphics are very nice. While not the visual masterpieces spun together by Square-Ennix, I can’t say the graphics are horrid. They are pleasing to the eye and don’t distract from the true gem in this game, the dialogue and story. The dialogue is extremely well translated and very well dubbed to boot. The scenes have moved me to tears on more then one occasion. While a few lines are cheesy, they’re cheesy in a good way. While Teddie’s bear puns (Li-bear-y) may make you moan, they fit the character and don’t seem stupid.

Also, the music is superb. I thank ATLUS tons for including the soundtrack along with the US release. Though I did have to hunt down the Side B tracks from the official soundtrack. Ah well, 24 songs is a good count to give with a game for 40$. Wait no, 40$ for a game and CD? That’s not just good, that’s amazing.

The pacing in the game is amazing as well. So long as you do the second runs on dungeons, the next one won’t be a challenge at all. Well, the boss might be a challenge, but it won’t be insanely difficulty. The game paces leveling really well and I only grinded once, before the True End boss. I beat the game around level 70, which I have honestly never needed to do before. I praise the game for its pacing since there are some games where you can hit a road block because you’d have to have been grinding as you went along.

Also, this is tagged “yuri” for the fact that Yukiko says her prince is Chie. yeah.

Verdict: If you have 40$ and a PS2, get this game.



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  1. Actually, for some aspects of the story you do need to have played Persona 3 to understand, seeing how Persona 4 is the direct sequel. For example, the entire back story Margaret is based on what happens in Persona 4 and explains why her sister Elizabeth, Igor’s original assistant is not there. Furthermore, the who saga in Port City was basically a node to it being a direct sequel and explains the amount of time that has passed since Persona 3. Chihiro even hints at the former Student President, the Empress Arcana Mitsuru. And seeing how Chihiro was a first year in Persona 3, it means that Persona 4 takes 2 years after Persona 3 ended.

    I personally liked Persona 3 better, seeing how it had more freedom for the user to move around. The Fog system seem to restrict the user into playing through on rails, compared to the Full Moon system where it gave the player the freedom to level at their own pace. And I also found the bosses a tad more easy and just straight beat’em ups (played on Normal Mode), while Persona 3 had some of the more interesting and unique bosses that actually required a little more thought.

    Persona 4 also made Persona Trinity Soul a little more understandable, since it occurred to me that without Tartarus and the Dark Hour, Shadows and Persona shouldn’t exist. However, Persona 4 makes it clear that they are not solely linked with Tartarus or the Dark Hour. And finally, I did kind of hope Izanami-no-Mikoto would get beat by one of the Death Arcana’s from Persona 3, but that didn’t happen and she became Izanami-no-Okami. I can only dream that Thanatos gave her a beating.

  2. But you don’t have to have played P3 to enjoy P4, nor to truly get it all. You can still play P4 on its own without any prior knowledge and still enjoy and understand what is going on.

  3. The game is awesome, now to wait for Persona 5.

  4. Atlus finally learned their lesson not to make an Evoker since it made some shallow issues.

    Personally, I also liked p3 better in terms of story but in terms of the system, I’ll go for p4.

    Up until now though, I still don’t understand how come the protagonist of p4 had that power. The power of p3’s protagonist had his power’s origin but I don’t know with p4’s protagonist.

  5. “I still don’t understand how come the protagonist of p4 had that power.”

    The true ending explains why he was able to enter the TV world, which is obviously extremely spoiler filled.

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