Game GET! — Persona 4

December 16, 2008 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Console | 4 Comments yeah PS2! It’s still alive and kickin’! The full title of this game is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. Now I had never actually heard of this game series before, which I suppose it quiet alright since I’m just now old enough to get this game on my own, but damn is P4 amazing. On the note of buying this game, yeah it’s Rated M, just as a heads up. It was amusing for me cause I got carded and trust me, I do not look 17. this is just a short-quicky review of how far I’ve made in the short time I’ve played. This game has already got me sucked in and attached to the characters and attempting to sing along to the engrish lyrics of some of the backround music. Thank you very much Atlus for the Soundtrack in the game box! As far as translations go, Atlus did an amazing job. Nothing really seems weird or cheesy (Okay well, I gotta let slide a few lines), not to mention the voice work. The voices are done extremely well and I can feel the characters emotions. I don’t even bother reading the text unless there’s no voice to go along with it. really like the RenAi-style day format. The social links make it feel like less of a dungeon crawling hack-and-slash which is a very nice touch. Also, the names of random students tend to amuse me. “Red Umbrella Girl” and “Rumor-Liking Boy”. Also the turn-based system is like that to Pokémon (Yeah yeah, kind of a bad example, but whatever), and I like it. It’s easy to get the hang of but takes a while to master.

Anyways, that’s all I shall say on this game for now. I highly suggest getting this game. I’m off to make a new Backloggery theme (Yup, P4 themed), and then work some more on P4. I need to beat Shadow Yukiko!



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  1. I wasnt able to play Persona 3. I already have the CD but my PS2 suddenly got broken. DAMMIT!

  2. Already on lvl 55. (party: Yukiko, Teddie, Kanji).
    Whenever its a sunny day I just takes strolls in town listening to the music.
    Its awesome.

  3. It’s a awesome game, I’m so glad I got the PS3 when it came out since it can play all of my PS2 games :3

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