Game Review — Kingdom Hearts II

December 1, 2008 at 7:27 pm | Posted in Console | 3 Comments
Tags: , , , , , , , ,, okay, so this game’s pretty old now. Gimme a break, it’s been a long while since I last played this, but I had the sudden idea “Hey, I want to finish that Proud Mode game I have on KHII.” Until now I have not seen the secret ending (I refused to watch it until I earned it), so I suppose it’s good I finally got around to this. So my memory may be a bit fuzzy on the details of all the worlds 1st visits, and some of the early 2nd visits, but that’s okay. It’s not like anyone who cares doesn’t already know.

So, just as a warning, Spoilers are ahead.

Okay, so in general, I’m a KH-tard. I’ve been in this ordeal since around it’s beginning, and got my PS2 for the sole reason of playing Kingdom Hearts. Basically all of my friends were playing it at the time (Now our fangirlisms have died out a little), but it’s still a really good game. The opening and ending videos are of a quality we can only expect from Square-Ennix, and the storyline is amazing, despite being Disney-Movie Based. You work your way through the worlds are our lovely hero Sora with his pals Donald and Goofy. Most worlds bring in a new Disney-based party member who you’re basically expected to fight along side with. This game focuses on the “Nobodies”, the body of the people lost to the Heartless (but only those strong enough). Strong Nobodies formed the Organization XIII and are out to conquer the world Kingdom Hearts (Saw that coming, right?)., so graphic-wise, it’s amazing. Storyline-wise, it is amazing as well. The characters are well developed and very lovable. However, I do have one annoyance with the game.

Port Royal. The world is too detailed and dark while Sora and his friends are too simple and bright. Honestly I would have opted for an alternate outfit here, but they seemed to think Sora would look okay or something. Yeah, Square-Ennix, if you bring Sora back and he goes to Port Royal again, please give him a new outfit and fix his stand-out-ness. It looked bad (Though Port Royal was amazing in-game graphics)., going through this game again made me remember my love for this series (As well as remember what the hell happened, since I’m getting Re:CoM for Christmas, as well as the new titles at some point) and I’m really glad I finally finish the darned Proud Mode. I may end up playing through all three again sometime (Or maybe just go through KHI and then play Re:CoM in the middle instead of just CoM). May also try for Ultima Keyblade.

Then again, I think I’m still in the middle of a .hack Replay. Maybe I shoudl go finish that up.

For anyone interested, here’s my end-game stats for Proud Mode. I don’t remember half of it. xD

Yeah, I summoned only twice. And 9% gummi missions. xD



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  1. It’s a ok game in my books but they really need to step up the combat for the next one.

  2. while i loved the combat of KH1, i felt the combat of KH2 needs a serious reworking. Rather than having to time attack combos and execute perfectly timed guards in KH1, all u had to do in KH2 was mash the X button. Its too easy and takes alot of fun out of the fight, making it really repetitive imo.

    The storyline for the disney worlds also felt really disconnected for me. i might be biased towards KH1, but the story for the disney worlds felt really sloppy to me, not tat the main story was bad( i felt the real story was pretty decent)

    So while i might seem like im bashing the game, im actually a die hard fan of the series, so it pained me to find so many problems with KH2. Definately looking forward to Birth by sleep and KH3 though ^___^

  3. There’s nothing retarded about liking the KH series. It’s not a perfect series, and there are some game design and story kinks, but overall, it’s a brilliant piece of work. Would that more games were this high of quality.

    *he says as he listens to the KH soundtrack*

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